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Invega Sustenna

Invega Sustenna is an antipsychotic drug that is normally used to treat schizophrenia. The drug is meant for intramuscular use, and injections should be administered by health care professionals. Invega Sustenna is a risperidone medication, meaning that it is an antipsychotic medication that can reduce the symptoms of long-term schizophrenia in adults. The patients who take this medication should receive the lowest dose needed and should be periodically reassessed to determine if they need continued treatment on a regular basis.

Prolactin in Invega Sustenna

The hormone prolactin is an active ingredient in all risperidone medications. This is the hormone that causes women to produce milk during a pregnancy, and also causes women to grow breasts during puberty. When prolactin is injected into the body in Invega Sustenna, it can encourage breast growth in both males and females. In male patients, this is a condition called gynecomastia. Those with this condition will develop large breasts and may even lactate as a result. Some men have required breast reduction surgery or a mastectomy to remove the unwanted growths on their body.

This serious symptom of risperidone medications like Invega Sustenna can emotionally and psychologically damaging as well. Males who are forced to undergo the embarrassment of breast growth often fall into unstable psychological conditions as a result. The shame of the situation, as well as the discomfort and pain of a mastectomy can be astronomical.

According to the Invega Sustenna website, some of the side effects of the medication include missing menstrual periods, lactating from the breasts, and the development of breasts in men. Currently, a popular respiridone medication called Risperdal is the subject of various lawsuits because of arguments about the labeling of the drug. Many men who have suffered from gynecomastia say that they could have been spared the embarrassment and shame of their situation if the packets of Risperdal had clearer warnings about the breast growth side effect.

Representation is Invega Sustenna Lawsuits

If you are suffering from gynecomastia because you took Invega Sustenna or another risperidone medication with the prolactin hormone, then you may have the right to seek compensation from the drug maker. Invega Sustenna is a Janssen medication by Johnson & Johnson, the same company that also manufactures Risperdal. All pharmaceutical companies are required to post the side effects of their medicine blatantly on the packaging so that it will serve as a warning to individuals that are receiving injections. If a company is not clear in their labeling, or circumvents the FDA's oversight then you may be able to seek compensation. Hire a personal injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin today if you want more information about Invega Sustenna lawsuits!

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