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Maritime workers have some of the most dangerous and life-threatening jobs in the world. From working on offshore drilling rigs to freight vessels to cruise ships, at-sea employment can be many times more fatal or harmful than any mainland occupation. That's why our Beaumont maritime lawyers commit our lives to helping injured offshore workers get the money they need to pay for medical care, provide for their families, and face the future with confidence.

Arnold & Itkin LLP has helped hundreds of maritime workers hold manufacturers, owners, and employers accountable for unsafe practices and unseaworthy ships. Offshore work pays well, and the people who do it are often good, courageous people who just want to provide for their families—but when companies take advantage of injured employees, it compels us to force the industry to change.

If you've been injured in an offshore accident, our Beaumont maritime attorneys may be able to help. Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to learn what you can do next.

The Common Accidents & Injuries We've Represented

Maritime companies have access to more safety technology than in any period in history, but offshore workers still die at rates far exceeding mainland jobs. Why? In part because the work is more high-risk and demanding, but in truth, it's because companies refuse to pay to make employees safer. Companies realized it's "cheaper" to risk getting fined or cited by regulators than it is to spend money on better safety compliance or fix outdated equipment.

Our clients all came to us after suffering accidents and injuries like:

Our Beaumont offshore accident lawyers have realized that the best way to make companies comply with safety is to hold them accountable whenever someone gets hurt. When injured workers take their employers or vessel owners to task for poor safety practices, it accomplishes two things: 1.) it increases the penalty for unsafe policies by putting a verdict or a settlement on top of the fines, and 2.) it ensures that the injured worker gets everything they need to provide for their families and recover from their injuries.

Beaumont Oil Rig Accident Attorneys

The drilling industry is, according to federal statistics, seven times deadlier than the average U.S. industry. Offshore drilling is no exception. Arnold & Itkin has represented hundreds of oil rig workers who have been injured in explosions, crushed by falling pipes, or were killed due to lack of medical attention. In 2010, a third of the Deepwater Horizon crew knew they needed help to force their employer to give them real medical care—not just a cursory look-over from the company's doctor. They turned to our Beaumont maritime lawyers, and we didn't let them down. Through a series of sizable settlements, we made sure our clients got the medical care they needed while providing for their basic living needs.

Jones Act Claims in Beaumont

For centuries, offshore workers' rights were limited to maintenance and cure—an old legal principle that made shipowners and captains liable for the medical care and living expenses for any worker who was injured while working aboard the ship. The United States recognized that workers needed more than medieval laws to protect them. That's why they created the 4 laws below, which now form the foundation of a maritime worker's rights after an accident.

Click on any of the below laws to learn how they affect your case:

Of these laws, the Jones Act is the most potent and vital for those injured offshore. The Jones Act gives seamen who have been injured by the negligence of their crew or captain the right to claim damages for lost wages, diminished future earnings, pain and suffering, living expenses, and medical care. We have filed hundreds of Jones Act claims in order to rebuild our clients' lives and get them back on their feet.

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If you've been injured, the only way to know if you can regain financial stability is to call us for a free consultation. Here's how it works: you call (888) 493-1629 or contact us, and we'll schedule a time for you to meet with one of our Beaumont maritime lawyers for a free look at your situation. If we can help you hold your wrongdoer accountable, we'll cover the costs of the case from start to finish.

Everything—from our fee to hiring an investigator to paying for some of your living expenses—will be advanced to the verdict or settlement. Our firm assumes the risk, so if your case doesn't result in an award, we'll still absorb the costs—no bill, no invoice, not a penny from you.

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