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Looking for the Best Injury Attorneys in Houston?

People want answers after a serious injury or accident. There are many questions they have—and one of the common places they look for answers is the Internet. That's why people often search for the "best" Houston personal injury attorney. However, it's not as simple as searching for the best and getting the best. You're presented with options, and it's up to you to determine who the best is. As you embark on the journey to find what you're looking for, there are some questions you should be asking about what best means.

These are some of the questions that help shape who is best for their unique situation.

Do the Best Houston Injury Attorneys Have the Best Results?

Results matter. While not the only important aspect, your Texas trial attorney should have a proven record of success. If you want to put your case into the hands of the best trial lawyer, you should look at the past cases they have handled and the success they have had. In fact, the first place to look to see if a Houston personal injury attorney is the right one for you is their results. Results tell many stories. Some law firms use other law firm's results as their own—so it's essential to ask if the firm was the one that was actually responsible.

  • Did they get this result, or did another firm do the actual work?
  • Did they go to trial, or did another firm do it for them?
  • How big of verdicts or settlements did they secure in each case?
  • Did they get maximum compensation for their clients?
  • Did they effectively hold negligent parties accountable?

All of these results can help you determine the best trial lawyer for your case.

Ultimately, when looking at the results, look for recency, quantity—and, of course, value. Has the firm set records? Is the firm known for delivering big results? Has the firm recovered billions (plural) or just a few million? Having big results gives people an advantage when it comes to being heard and respected. These results need to be in cases similar to the one you're facing. A simple fender bender doesn't require a big firm with huge results. It's mostly paperwork. On the other hand, a serious truck accident requires a serious fight.

You need to hire a law firm with results that prove they stand behind their clients.

Do the Best Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Cost More?

Most personal injury firms don't get paid unless they recover, so every firm is available to pick. With that in mind, picking the one with a history of the best results around helps you achieve your ideal outcome.

Why Does Expertise Matter for the Best Injury Lawyers?

It is critical to hire a Houston, Texas trial attorney on your side who doesn't just have "years" of experience but actual courtroom litigation and negotiation experience. This type of experience truly makes for an excellent attorney. Without practice in and out of the courtroom, a trial lawyer cannot be considered a seasoned advocate—much less prepared to fight for the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

You want a trial lawyer who truly understands the ins and outs of how everything works when it comes to personal injury law. From the games that big companies play to avoid responsibility, to the opposing counsel you'll be facing, to the specific types of accidents people get involved in. For example, if a person was injured offshore, completely different laws govern the case. If the attorney doesn't understand maritime law, the chances of winning are dramatically lower. Hire an attorney who understands the type of case and has won similar cases repeatedly.

What Are the Best Texas Personal Injury Attorneys Like?

This is yet another part of discovering what "best" means to you. Learn about the attorneys who will work on your case. Watch their videos. Learn about them. Read their bios. Talk to them in person, over the phone, or on Zoom. The attorneys should genuinely care and want to help. They should be confident about how to handle the case. They should be able to explain what is going to happen. Inevitably, people are surprised by what happens as they begin the legal process. Having a great attorney means you'll be able to predict what will happen and have a plan. Lawyers can keep the surprises away and ensure that everyone is prepared.

A top lawyer needs to have conviction. They must care about the individuals who come to them and care about securing justice. When a trial attorney only cares about results or money, it can narrow their vision and impede them from securing the best possible outcome for the individual they are representing.

Connecting with people, not case numbers, is a key aspect of the best trial attorney.

Finally, the best attorneys are accessible. If it's a big case going to trial, you want to be in the know about what's happening. This includes being able to call or text them or one of their staff when questions or worries arise.

Are Great Injury Lawyers Part of Specific Associations?

For Houston personal injury lawyers, there are many associations or memberships you can get to be a part of. Bar associations are the most common. The best personal injury lawyers are really trial lawyers. They're the kind of attorneys you want in the courtroom when the other side refuses to do the right thing. They're the kind of attorneys the other side doesn't want to see. One group of trial lawyers to look for is called the Inner Circle of Advocates. A limited group of only 100 of the nation's best trial lawyers are invited to be in this group.

When You're Facing a Fight, AI Puts Everything Into Securing Your Future

The America Bar Association says there are 76,000+ personal injury lawyers in the U.S. Thousands of them reside in the Houston area. While there may be plenty of lawyers willing to take on your case, you only want the best of the best to be working alongside you. A serious injury or the death of a loved one is no small matter. Personal injury is a broad field, and choosing an inexperienced attorney could be a tragic mistake.

In fact, choosing the best lawyer is the most critical decision you will make in your case. Arnold & Itkin is composed of hardworking, experienced attorneys who have come together for one cause: to fight for justice. At Arnold & Itkin, our attorneys understand that half-hearted litigation will not be effective. That is why we are aggressive when dealing with defendants and insurance companies.

We know baseline effort won't cut it. We fight tooth and nail to demand justice for our clients.

Houston Injury Lawyers with Proven Success

Often, lawyers say they can handle your case but have nothing to back up their claim. If you stumble upon a lawyer with a less-than-impressive track record, you should treat it as a red flag. Do you want to work with an inexperienced attorney? Someone who hasn't proven themselves? Of course not! When it's your future on the line, it's not the time to trust it into the hands of a rookie. You need a heavyweight that you can trust,

You can read about our success for yourself by perusing through some of our most recent and notable victories. Some of our record-setting triumphs include a $117 million verdict for an ambulance accident victim and a $76.6 million verdict. In addition, we secured an $11.5 million settlement for an offshore worker injured on the job, and a $14 million verdict for a man who was protected under the Jones Act in a maritime injury case. These are only a few instances where our firm's hard work resulted in justice being demanded.

To see for yourself, check out our victories page so you can browse through just some of our many results.

Awards & Accolades

When an attorney has been recognized by other professionals, it is a big testimony to that firm's credibility. We have been honored by many professionals and granted a variety of titles that prove we are striving for excellence. Both of our lead attorneys have been invited to the prestigious The Inner Circle of Advocates. We have also been listed as Houston's H Texas Magazine as the Top Lawyers for the People.

In addition to being praised by both of these publications, we've been featured on various news channels, newspapers, and magazines. For example, we were called up to share our expert opinions in the Deepwater Horizon Case of 2010. At this time, we shared our knowledge with CNN and ABC. In the past, we've also been featured by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, and The Houston Chronicle.

Just some of the other awards we have received:

Expected Qualities of Working with Arnold & Itkin

  • Personality: The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are known for being personable. We work hard to ensure clients are comfortable. Watch some of the Arnold & Itkin videos to see our lawyer's personalities come through while you also learn more about Texas personal injury law.
  • Communication: You want to make sure your lawyer will run things by you and keep you informed about the status of your case. Our firm is available to talk regularly, and we are dedicated to being prompt in responding to missed phone calls and e-mails.
  • Wide Range of Knowledge: You want an attorney who understands how to handle a wide variety of cases. At Arnold & Itkin, we handle all types of cases, from truck accidents to offshore injuries. No matter the nature of your case, you can trust our law firm to help.
  • Trustworthiness: You don't want an attorney who makes you feel uncomfortable. You want your lawyer to be one of your closest confidants. You want to rest assured that they are working hard on your case. This goes hand-in-hand with communication. Our Houston injury lawyers work hard to develop a trusting relationship with all clients. This has resulted in countless clients saying that they considered us to be more than their lawyers by the end of the case—our firm truly felt like family.

Common Questions: Finding the Best Lawyer

What should I look for when hiring the best personal injury attorney?

Hiring a personal injury attorney is personal. You probably have certain qualities that are more important to you than others, but you should keep a few things in mind. Try to find an attorney with experience and past results in the particular type of case you're dealing with. You need someone who knows what they're doing. Look for quality service and communication, which you can see clearly through client reviews. In all, you should have an attorney who can secure the results you need while treating you like a person, not a number.

Why is experience so important?

An injury lawyer who has extensive experience will be better equipped to handle your case. This includes anticipating the other side's strategies, knowing what legislation and which precedents apply, and having the insight and skill to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. All of this leads to better, swifter results.

How do I know I’ve found the right personal injury lawyer?

Dealing with a serious injury or the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. The last thing you need is to worry about whether you've found the right lawyer. In our experience, you'll know you have the right team on your side when you feel supported, informed, and certain that everything is being done to protect your interests and rights. That's the level of counsel and service we provide at Arnold & Itkin.

Talk to Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Houston

If you want strong legal experience, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Call (888) 493-1629 if you want to set up a free consultation. You can also use the case evaluation form. Don't hesitate to contact our firm today to work toward the results you need. We look forward to hearing from you, so call today!

Case Results

Check Out Our Victories

  • $8 Billion Top 3 Largest Jury Verdict in U.S. History Arnold & Itkin LLP tried a Risperdal case against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn about one of the drug’s most damaging side effects: gynecomastia. Our skill, hard work, and dedication resulted in the third-largest jury verdict ever obtained ...
  • $357 Million Largest Workplace Accident Settlement in Texas history Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a massive nine-figure settlement against a transnational corporation for a workplace incident. The settlement set a Texas record for being the largest personal injury settlement in the state’s history.
  • $222 Million Record-Breaking Verdict for Widow Our firm won $222 million for a woman who lost her husband in an industrial accident caused by a faulty valve. We took the case to trial because the at-fault company refused to take responsibility. The jury saw through the corporate lies and double ...
  • $205 Million Confidential Settlement Obtained for Numerous Clients Arnold & Itkin reached a record $205,000,000 settlement on behalf of clients after several years of hard-fought litigation. The case settled just before trial was set to begin.
  • $139 Million Massive Settlement Achieved for Victims of an Oilfield Incident Arnold & Itkin LLP negotiated a huge $139,000,000 settlement for injured families affected by an oilfield incident in the eastern United States, settling one week before trial.
  • $117 Million Largest Single-Event Personal Injury Verdict in Louisiana History Arnold & Itkin represented a pregnant woman who experienced stomach pain and called Acadian Ambulance. The driver of the ambulance drove the ambulance into the back of a sugar cane truck causing the plaintiff's spine to be severed at T4 and for her ...
  • $116 Million Confidential Settlement Arnold & Itkin LLP negotiated a massive nine figure settlement on behalf of their clients after several years of hard fought litigation.
  • $114 Million Settlement Won for Victims of Pipeline Explosion Offshore injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin fought for two workers who were injured in a pipeline explosion at sea, one of whom passed away. Our relentless investigation and advocacy resulted in a nine-figure settlement that will provide for our ...
  • $110 Million Record Settlement Achieved for Victims of Defective Products Arnold & Itkin obtained a record settlement for individuals harmed by defective, dangerous products. The result exemplifies our commitment to clients and justice for those seriously injured by the conduct of others.
  • $105 Million Record Settlement for Dangerous Product Victims Arnold & Itkin’s legal team helped represent those harmed by dangerous products. We were successful in recovering a $105 million settlement.
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