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8 Ways to Prepare for a Spouse Returning to Work

Life is difficult for an offshore worker, but it can also be tough for an offshore spouse. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your partner for any amount of time, so we hope that these tips will help make the distance a little more bearable while you are apart.

Write a Card a Day

How long will your spouse be away? Create a card-a-day bundle for however many days they will be offshore. Share a favorite memory or a loving message, and include a little something extra: a photo, a magnet, or a scent! The kids can even help out if they can keep a secret. Don’t forget the finishing touches! Make the gift even more special by planning ahead to line each card up with the day, seal the envelope, and write the open date on it. Complete the package by tying it up with a ribbon and, finally, send it off with your loved one!

Exchange Journals

Pick up two blank journals—one for you, and one for your partner—to fill out each day with thoughts you each had about the other, how your day went, etc. This can be as simple or as extensive as you’d like! Exchange journals once you are reunited and repeat the process every time you are apart. This will give you something to look back on each time they come home and in the future!

Schedule Unplugged Time

Cell phones and other technology can be extremely distracting, so plan to put them away for a while and take some time to enjoy each other’s company.

Set Up a Note Scavenger Hunt

Hide notes throughout your spouse’s things – in the fridge, in their car, in the bag they’ve packed for their trip. This is another one that the whole family can get in on! Little surprise notes from you or your kids can make your spouse’s day when they least expect it.

Cook or Order Their Favorite Meals

Throughout the week leading up to their departure, let them choose the dinner menu. Get the family together for dinner each night as you bond over your spouse’s favorite foods.

Pack a Snack Bag

To help them get through their first day away, pack a bag of their favorite snacks. This will help them keep their mind off of missing home as they settle in.

Invite Their Friends to Plan a Night Out

Including your spouse’s friends in their going-away activities can help them feel more connected to the shore once they’ve left. Call up the crew and get everyone together for a night at the local pub or another place that is special to the group.

Go Out Together

Distract yourselves from their upcoming trip by taking some time to yourselves! Get tickets to see your favorite team or go out to a wine and painting class together. Whatever you do, if it appeals to the two of you, it will be an event you can enjoy now and remember fondly later when you are apart.

No matter how long your spouse will be gone on their next offshore job, it’s never easy to say goodbye. By focusing on the good stuff before they leave and while they’re gone, this time can be less emotionally draining and more memorable – it can even strengthen your relationship!

At Arnold & Itkin, we are inspired by the work that offshore workers do and the support their families provide. We see the sacrifices you make together, and we are proud to fight for your rights. Contact us today at (888) 493-1629 to learn more about our commitment to offshore workers and their loved ones.

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