Construction Defect FAQ Common Questions About Construction Defects

Construction Defect FAQ

What Is a Construction Defect?

Construction defects can generally be categorized as design defects, material defects, or poor workmanship. The impact on property owners that results from construction defects can be substantial. The nature of the impact depends on the defect and can range from mere inconvenience to the total loss of a property.

Can Construction Defects Cause Financial Losses?

Construction defects can diminish the value of a property. Depending on the nature of the defect and its impact, defect can result in substantial financial losses due to the costs of investigating and repairing the damage.

Will a Construction Defect Decrease the Value of My Property?

Serious construction defects can have a substantial negative impact on the value of a property. Unpremeditated damages from a construction defect are a liability for current or future owners of a property and will be reflected in substantial reductions in property value as long as they exist. Some construction defects, particularly defects involving structural and design defects can be extremely difficult or impossible to fully remediate.

What Is Constructive Eviction?

Constructive eviction occurs when a construction defect results in the temporary or permanent loss of a living space when occupants are forced to abandon a structure for remediation or repairs. Most states have statutes that allow a property owner to recover damages suffered as a direct consequence of constructive eviction due to a defect.

Will I Lose My Insurance If My Home or Building Has a Defect?

In some cases, an insurance company may refuse to insure your property unless serious construction defects that threaten the property are remediated or repaired. When this happens, property owners are exposed to potentially greater losses due to the negligence of the construction company responsible for the defect.

To learn more about your rights, contact a Houston construction defect attorney today.

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