Electrical Defects Common Types of Construction Defects

Electrical Defects During Construction

Electrical defects pose a safety hazard and damage expensive equipment. Defects in the planning, design, and installation of an electrical system can be more than an inconvenience. Electrical defects can create shock and fire hazards, leading to serious injuries or loss of property.

Possible symptoms of a defective electrical system include:

  • Circuit breakers that continually overload and trip
  • Electrical wiring that gets hot
  • Frequent or intermittent local power surges or brownouts
  • Failures of electrical appliances and HVAC equipment

Electrical defects may source from the following:

  • Poor planning and design of the electrical system
  • Use of defective or substandard materials
  • Use of unskilled labor for installation

If you believe you have an electrical defect, do not attempt to fix it yourself. It is critical to hire a qualified electrician to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem and speak to a lawyer. Once properly diagnosed, a strategy for redesigning and repairing the system can be devised.

Electrical Defects: How a Houston Litigation Attorney Can Help

Electrical defects can require costly repairs that may cause additional damage. Electrical systems are installed during the framing stage of construction when interior walls and ceilings are accessible. Rework and repairs performed after a structure is built can require the removal and replacement of ceiling and wall surfaces. Undiagnosed electrical defects can wreak havoc on electronics, appliances, and other equipment. An electrical defect may, in fact, cause premature failures of appliances and other electrical equipment. If you notice a pattern of frequent and otherwise unexplained failures of electric appliances or equipment, you may reasonably suspect an electrical system defect.

An electrical defect may be the result of poor planning, design, or workmanship. A thorough evaluation can help determine whether an electrical system defect exists, and, if so, what the cause of the defect was. Depending on the cause, responsibility for the defect may lie with the builder, an engineer, electrician, HVAC installer/technician, equipment manufacturer, or another party. If you have suffered a serious financial loss as a result of an electrical system defect in your home or commercial property, you may be entitled to recover damages.

Contact a Houston construction defect attorney to learn more about your options.

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