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Thousands of lives are claimed by drowning each year, and many of these drownings occur in our own backyards. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children between the ages of one and four. To protect our children and others, we place fences and gates around our pools. These barriers are meant to prevent unsupervised children from gaining access to a pool, but when fences fail, the consequences can be devastating.

Since pool gates and fences are safety features, they must be built to exacting standards. Any defect in a pool fence or gate can cost a life. When a drowning accident happens because of an inadequate pool fence, negligent manufacturers and installers should be held accountable. The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have a history of getting justice for the families of drowning victims, and we’ve won billions for our clients nationwide. If your child or loved one drowned or was injured because of a defective pool gate or fence, we have the resources, experience, and track record to fight for the financial relief your family needs.

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Pool Fence & Gate Malfunctions

A pool fence or gate has only a few requirements to be effective. First, they need to be tall enough to prevent children from climbing over them and low enough for them to be unable to crawl under. Next, they should be sturdy enough to prevent children from passing through them. Finally, a safe pool fence or gate needs to have a strong foundation.

Features that pool fences should have include the following:

  • Made from unclimbable materials
  • Gaps which are too small for children to fit through
  • A height of at least four feet
  • Gates that are lockable, self-latching, and not easy for children to open

If any of the requirements above are not met, a pool fence will not keep children safe. Two people might be responsible for the malfunction of a pool fence or gate: the installer or the manufacturer of the fence. Pool fence installers should install products safely and according to manufacturing standards, and manufacturers must ensure that their products meet proper safety standards. If your child suffered injuries or death because of the failure of a pool gate or fence, we can help you hold the manufacturer or installer accountable.

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No one should suffer a drowning accident caused by defective pool gates or fences. Arnold & Itkin’s drowning accident attorneys are ready to fight for the compensation your family needs during this difficult time. While nothing can fix what your family experienced, it is possible to hold those responsible for your pain accountable for negligence. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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