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Today, offshore work remains one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

This fact does not deter brave Texans from leaving the land on a daily basis to take part in offshore industries, such as oil drilling, that make onshore life possible for everyone else. In fact, jobs like fishing and oil extracting consistently rank as some of the deadliest jobs Americans work. These facts have encouraged the East Texas maritime lawyers at Arnold & Itkin to fight for workers when employers neglect their safety.

Arnold & Itkin has won billions of dollars to help our clients pay for medical care, replace lost wages, and rebuild their lives. Call (888) 493-1629 today.

Maritime Law

Those who earn their wages offshore experience dangerous conditions that laws were made hundreds of years ago to protect workers. These laws serve as some of the nation’s earliest form of employee protection and are still followed today.

Specifically, maintenance and cure is a principle that, in the simplest terms, requires a shipowner to pay for living and medical expenses for injured workers. This law assumes that offshore work has so much inherent danger that ship owners and captains should assume responsibility for any injuries. Interestingly, maintenance and cure do not require proof of fault; the injury just must happen aboard a vessel.

Our East Texas maritime lawyers help those who experience accidents and injuries like:

Companies that operate offshore are familiar with the dangerous conditions experienced by their workers every day. In many cases, companies neglect to invest in new safety equipment and ignore regulations to save money. The maritime lawyers at Arnold & Itkin strive to make employers realize that if they cut corners, they will have to pay eventually. It is never acceptable to neglect the safety of others to increase profits. Unless we hold these employers accountable, the culture of safety will degrade and future workers will be injured or killed.

East Texas Oil Rig Accident Attorneys

The oil industry is a driving force behind the Texas economy and a massive source of employment in the state. Arnold & Itkin understands the importance of this work and has made sure to protect oil rig workers when they need it the most. We have earned settlements for workers who need compensation so they may move on with their life after an offshore injury. When the crew of the Deepwater Horizon experienced one of the worst disasters in the history of the oil industry, one-third of the crew depended on us for solutions. We fought for their compensation and did not let the oil company blame them for the horrible event that took 11 lives. We proved that BP failed to perform the necessary maintenance that would have prevented the accident. It was our honor to help these crew members get back on the right financial path.

United States Maritime Laws

Though old-world maritime laws protected offshore workers for centuries, the US created statutes to specifically address accidents on vessels.

The following laws govern most offshore injury lawsuits:

The Jones Act & Offshore Injury Claims in East Texas

The Jones Act is likely the most important law for someone who has experienced an offshore injury. This law sets up specific avenues to cover losses when a seaman is injured due to employer negligence. Specifically, this law requires negligent employers to compensate any employees injured while working on a vessel. Before this act, loopholes in maritime law failed to protect all offshore workers.

Also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act created a safety net for offshore workers who boosted American industry. It provides an encompassing set of rules which hold employers at a higher level of responsibility. Under the Jones Act, seamen that travel between American ports were finally given legal protection and some measure of health security.

Workers injured on a vessel between United States ports may be entitled to recover:

  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Physical and Mental Anguish
  • Medical Care
  • Living Expenses During Recovery

Officially called The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act sought to protect the American merchant marine. It covers trade conducted between United States ports and created important protections for workers who are hurt while working on the water. Specifically, the Jones Act protects those who are injured due to the negligence of vessel owners or the seaworthiness of the ship.

Houston Maritime Lawyers Serving East Texas

East Texas Maritime Attorneys from Arnold & Itkin LLP.Arnold & Itkin’s East Texas maritime lawyers have the experience and resources to win cases for our clients. Whether the accident occurred on a barge, fishing boat, oil rig, tug boat, or any other kind of vessel, our attorneys are ready to help you get back on your feet. We take pride in winning for our clients and holding their employers accountable.

Offshore work is important, and maintaining safety standards only serves to assist the entire industry and helps to preserve its standards. We have built a long history of victories and are happy to say that we have won billions for clients. Even if conditions are dangerous, employers must protect their employees. No one deserves to be injured while working offshore to make a living. Employers must be held accountable for aging equipment, lazy safety practices, and poor training. Arnold & Itkin is ready to make sure irresponsible companies are held accountable for the sake of our clients.

If you or someone you know has been injured while working offshore, call us today at (888) 493-1629. First, we will talk to you at no cost and provide advice for next steps. If we take your case, we will strive to give you the best possible experience. You don’t pay anything unless we win.

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