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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reported that over 2,000 train accidents occurred nationwide in 2011. Millions of Americans have contact with the railway system every day, and it only takes one equipment malfunction or a moment of negligence for a railroad passenger or worker to suffer a catastrophic injury.

If you have sustained injuries in a train accident, you have the right to seek compensation. An experienced railroad accident lawyer in El Paso can help you fight for the financial compensation you need to help you pay your medical expenses and take care of your family. Train accident claims tend to be complex and are based on several factors, including how the accident occurred and who was responsible for it.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. Contact our El Paso train accident lawyers today for a free case review: (888) 493-1629!

Train Accident Facts & Figures

  • There is a train collision or derailment every 3 hours.
  • At least 500,000 trains transport hazardous material several times per trip.
  • Railroads today are in desperate need of updating and improvement.
  • The FRA reports that 80% of railroad crossings do not provide adequate warnings.
  • Train collisions involving pedestrians have increased over the last few years.

Types of Train Accidents

.Below is a list of the most common types of train collisions:

  • Train Accidents Involving Cars: There is an overwhelming amount of train accidents that involve cars every year. Accidents involving cars and trains are destructive because of the large difference in size and speed. These accidents can occur if a conductor is negligent, causing catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. Another reason why train and car collisions occur is improper maintenance and excessive cargo loads; this can easily lead to derailment or malfunction. Railroad crossings are also a common site of train-car collisions.
  • Train-on-Train Collisions: Trains weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds and move at rapid speed—when two trains collide, it almost always has tragic results. Train-on-train accidents almost always can be prevented. For this reason, the industry has taken great measures to ensure that safe operating procedures are implemented in all areas. This means that if an accident does occur, it is often because the operator or conductor have acted in reckless or negligent behavior. Even the slightest form of negligence can cause a tragic accident.
  • Train Accidents Involving Pedestrians: Pedestrians have little chance of survival against a train that is going full speed down the tracks. Unfortunately, many train accidents involving pedestrians have occurred as a result of improper railroad maintenance and supervision. This has caused many pedestrians to suffer life-changing injuries or death.

Regardless of the type of railroad accident, there is much that an experienced El Paso personal injury attorney can do to help an injured worker, passenger, or other person recoup their losses, get the medical treatment they need, and rebuild their lives. That's our goal at Arnold & Itkin.

Train Accident FAQs

What Are the Common Causes of Railroad Accidents?

Passenger rail services in the U.S. operate with few fatalities. However, many serious injuries occur annually. Many of the accidents that occur on trains are derailments, collisions, or faulty equipment. According to the FRA, railroad accidents are commonly caused by damaged or out-of-adjustment switches, defective or missing crossties, failure to apply sufficient hand brakes, failure to comply with restricted speeds, failure to control shoving movement, worn or broken switch points, or improperly lined switches.

Many of these accidents occur as passengers are boarding or de-boarding the train or metropolitan transit rail lines. Therefore, it is vital for train operators and managers to maintain vigilance when it comes to the protection of their riders. Maintaining vigilance will help prevent life-altering accidents.

What Are Common Types of Railroad Accidents?

Although train accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, a train accident of any nature is likely to result in massive destruction. Train accidents involving cars, train-on-train collisions, train crashes involving pedestrians, and crossing accidents can cause widespread harm and serious injury to dozens of people.

    Can Accidents Be Caused by Conductor Negligence?

    The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the train company, and other local authorities conduct thorough investigations after a train accident. They review the potential causes, including the safety of railroad and conductor negligence. Conductor negligence is investigated because train conductors are required to follow specific regulations and pay close attention to all of their surroundings. When they fail to follow these regulations, they put hundreds of people in danger. This may include managing the train intoxicated, driving on drugs or prescription medication, talking on a cell phone or texting, and any other type of behavior that distracts the conductor from doing their job.

    Who Is Responsible When a Trespasser Is Injured?

    In 2006, the Federal Railroad Administration reported that railway trespass fatalities increased by 14.5%. It is the railroad owners and operators’ duty to ensure that every possible measure is taken to educate the public of potentials dangers associated with railroads. By doing so, they can prevent railway accidents from occurring. It is also their responsibility to take all measures to secure their rail yards, switching yards, rail rights-of-way, train bridges, and all other railroad property.

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    If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a train accident, filing a claim could potentially help you receive the compensation for your recovery—financially, medically, and emotionally. Although it is common for train companies to try to hide their fault after an accident, the El Paso railroad accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have the knowledge and the resources to investigate the accident and fight for the best possible results for your case. We are dedicated to the protection and representation of train accident victims throughout the country. We have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure we are up to date with all current railway laws.

    We are here to help. Contact our El Paso train accident lawyers today for a free case review: (888) 493-1629!

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