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Over 100 years ago, manufacturing is what transformed America into a world power. Our ability to mobilize our citizens into a skilled workforce allowed us to build state-of-the-art factories, manufacture thousands upon thousands of consumer and commercial products, and supply the nation's ravenous hunger for clothes, medicine, construction materials, fuel, and weaponry.

Unfortunately, the speed at which we moved had a cost: factory workers were losing limbs (and lives) to "feed the machine." So, our great-grandparents fought for safety rules that prioritized human lives over productivity. If factories had to move a little slower, that was okay—we could (and did) innovate around it. There was one thing upon which the first worker advocates would not budge: personal safety would not be an acceptable price for faster factories. Today, Arnold & Itkin carries on the work started by our forebears. When factories explode, when injuries are catastrophic and life-changing, when families lose their loved ones, our Houston factory accident attorneys are there to hold employers accountable. More importantly, we're there to make sure our clients get everything they need to put their lives back together.

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The Deadliest Factory Accidents in U.S. History

  • The Falk Corporation Explosion (December 2006): An explosion triggered by a gas leak at a gear factory killed 3 workers and injured 47 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The explosion leveled multiple buildings.
  • The PEPCON Disaster (May 1988): A chemical factory in Henderson, Nevada caught fire and triggered multiple explosions that killed 2 and injured more than 300 people.
  • The Benton Fireworks Disaster (May 1983): An illegal fireworks-making operating exploded in Benton, Tennessee, killing 11 and injuring 1. It caused damage for several miles around the makeshift factory.
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory (March 1911): A garment factory caught fire while the doors were locked, leading to the deaths of 145 workers—most of them young girls. This factory accident inspired public action on behalf of workers throughout the United States.

Factory Accidents We've Investigated

The 2013 Williams Olefins Explosion

In the early 2000s, Williams Olefins was warned that their reboiler system had a fatal flaw that would make it easy for the reboiler tanks to become pressurized bombs accidentally. The company ignored the warnings and didn't spend the few dollars it would have taken to fix it. In June 2013, the warnings came true–the reboiler exploded, killing 2 and injuring 167. We represented several of the workers who were injured, securing $15.45 million in an initial trial and $18.5 million in a second trial only weeks later.

The 2005 BP Refinery Explosion

Eight weeks before the second-largest oil refinery in the United States exploded, BP received a report about their facility. The report, which was privately commissioned, outlined the grievous safety issues workers at the plant were facing. Rather than stop production to fix these problems, however, BP elected to continue. The exact problems brought up in the report caused an explosion that killed 15 and injured hundreds. Our firm helped ensure that the victims of this explosion received enough money to recover from their serious injuries.

The 2014 Georgia Pacific Plywood Plant Explosion

Three different companies were responsible for a massive explosion that rocked a factory near Corrigan, TX. The plant owners, the suppression system company, and the air filtration manufacturer were all found legally at-fault for the severe burns our client suffered after the blast. The explosion also killed two other workers and left our client in need of multiple surgeries. The jury awarded him $39 million for his damages.

$171 Million Awarded in Confidential Settlements After a Massive Factory Fire

In one of our most heartwrenching cases, Arnold & Itkin represented a group of refinery workers who were severely burned when their workplace caught fire. Burns are the costliest injuries anyone can suffer, but their employer wasn't helping with the recovery at all. The employer refused to settle for years, dragging out the litigation process. Our attorneys continued relentlessly gathering information.

Finally, our attorneys developed a case that proved the fire was the employer's fault. They finally took their workers' claims seriously, settling with all of them for a total of $171 million. Thanks to our guidance and resources, we compelled one of the largest companies in the world to take worker safety seriously and do the right thing by our clients.

See for yourself what plant and refinery workers think about their experience with us!

“I was able to actually witness them in court. They went in there like straight bulldogs, and they won. They’re unstoppable! They definitely have the experience you need. They're fighting for these little people that can’t handle themselves when a giant comes. Almost like the David and Goliath. It’s amazing thing to see. I would recommend them to anybody, I mean anybody. When they say Super Lawyers, that's what they mean.”
Shawn Thomas

“I felt like family because they were there to listen and hear—not just brush you off because ‘you're just a client.’ They let me know when I met them that everything was going be all right. Ever since the day I met them until today that I'm sitting here, they have always had my back.”
Veronica Sowell

“They're very professional. They didn't back down. That's why I like my lawyers. Even when I had to do my testimony in court, they didn't let those lawyers run over me. They fought hard. You have some lions with Arnold & Itkin. They not going to back down.”
Maurice Dilworth

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