Employer Negligence When Trucking Companies Are Careless, People Get Hurt

Truck Employer Negligence

What Is Employer Negligence? Talk to Our Houston Truck Accident Lawyers Today!

When a truck accident occurs, it is wise to investigate the cause. In some case, a trucking employer may be at least partially responsible. The companies that regulate truck operations and maintenance are responsible for the safety of their vehicles and the reliability of their employees. When accidents happen, it is important to investigate whether their action or inaction played a role. Federal trucking regulations are put in place to protect the safety and well-being of truck drivers and others on the road. Trucking companies must follow these regulations when employing drivers throughout the U.S. When companies fail to observe the laws set forth for safe truck operation, accidents are much more likely to occur.

When Is an Employer Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Sometimes, truck accidents are the direct result of negligent behaviors taken by the trucking company. In other cases, these accidents are caused by a combination of an employer's negligence and the effects that it had on the driver's ability to perform his or her job safely.

In both scenarios, the negligence of a trucking employer is cause for legal action if you have suffered injuries as a result.

Serious trucking accidents such as jackknifing and underride accidents often end in personal injury or wrongful death to the motorists involved. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can represent you if such an accident affected your family. After thorough investigation, we can help determine the exact causes of the accident. We can bring to light any negligent behaviors by the employer that may have led to the collision.

Examples of Truck Employer Negligence

When trucking companies disregard standard hours of service requirements by requiring truckers to complete more hours of driving time than is typically thought to be safe, they are putting these drivers at risk. Truck driver fatigue can lead to distraction and even a dangerous truck accident. Disregarding hours of service regulations is just one example of negligence, however, and many other instances can also lead to accidents.

Additional examples of truck employer negligence taken may include:

  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Inadequate training / failure to train
  • Inadequate vehicle inspection
  • Failure to properly load vehicles
  • Disregard of trucking regulations

It is the responsibility of trucking companies to ensure that their vehicles and drivers are equipped to safely handle the job. When this isn’t the case, the employer and / or company should be held liable for the accidents and injuries that result. You can have confidence in the team at Arnold & Itkin. We can find all the parties responsible caused your accident in order to pursue maximum financial compensation.

For more information, or to request our free case evaluation with our legal team, please do not hesitate to call a Houston truck accident lawyer at Arnold & Itkin by dialing (888) 493-1629 today.

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