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The death of our loved ones leave us more than grieving—they leave us empty. Losing a spouse or a child rob us of our future and our happiness. In some cases, their deaths rob us of our emotional health and our ability to take care of ourselves. When those deaths happen senselessly, under preventable circumstances, then it can leave us disoriented—looking for answers.

The Indiana wrongful death attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have represented hundreds of grieving families. We’ve sat with spouses, children, and parents in the wake of unfathomable tragedies in order to search for answers, comfort them, and give their loved ones a voice. Every time, we face a concrete truth: companies need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering they cause. They cannot be allowed to sweep people’s deaths under the rug or pretend like they couldn’t have prevented it.

If your loved ones died because someone else failed to keep them safe, speak with our attorneys in a free consultation. Together, we can review your legal options and honor your family's memory.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death?

Legally, a wrongful death is a death that was caused by the negligent actions of another person. Wrongful death claims are civil claims, meaning they’re brought directly by the family members of the victim—not the state. Additionally, the liability is measured in dollars (rather than in a prison sentence). Every state has different laws governing how wrongful death claims can be brought forward.

Examples of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

  • Car accidents caused by distracted driving
  • Workplace accidents caused by lack of safety
  • Defective vehicles that fatally injured a passenger
  • Drowning accidents due to property damage

The important thing to remember is that wrongful death claims hold companies and individuals directly responsible for the harm that a person’s death causes. That includes costs of the funeral and burial, the loss of income created by the death of a breadwinner, and the costs of seeking a wrongful death lawsuit. Each of these are viable claims under Indiana’s wrongful death statute.

Tragic & Recent Example of Wrongful Death

An Indiana family was at the center of a wrongful death boating accident involving a duck boat in Missouri in 2018. Eleven members of one family (along with 20 additional passengers) were aboard a duck boat operated by Ride the Ducks in Branson, Missouri. Ride the Ducks is a nationwide tourism business that has faced prior lawsuits regarding the safety of its duck boats.

In 2017, Ride the Ducks in Branson hired a third-party inspector to take a look at their boats. The inspector immediately pointed out that the boat’s exhaust was positioned so that it would take on water in rough waters. As a result, the exhaust could lead to the engine dying in bad weather—the worst time for a duck boat’s engine to fail.

In July 2018, a sudden storm hit Table Rock Lake while a Ride the Ducks tour was on the water. The company had received a storm warning at 6:30 PM, so the boat operator was told to take his passengers onto the water early rather than later. Soon after entering the lake, the boat took on water and capsized, drowning 17 of the 31 passengers. Of the family aboard the boat, only 2 of the original 11 survived.

If it can be proven that Ride the Ducks knew or should have known their boats were a hazard, then they may be found liable for the losses incurred by the wrongful deaths caused by the Missouri duck boat accident.

Turn to Indiana Wrongful Death Attorneys

Indiana wrongful death attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason ItkinAt Arnold & Itkin, we’ve spent our lives getting answers for grieving families. Our firm helped secure one of the largest offshore wrongful death settlements in history during the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. We helped secure justice for the fallen crew members of the El Faro disaster in 2015. Our wrongful death lawyers have poured our resources and hours into giving our clients a voice against the largest, most well-equipped companies in the world.

No amount of money can bring our loved ones back—but holding their wrongdoers accountable means their deaths can mean something. If our loved ones’ deaths can make life safer for other families, then they didn’t die in vain. Our law firm will fight to ensure that your loved one’s life makes the world a safer place while giving you the closure you need.

Speak with Arnold & Itkin in a free consultation. Our firm covers the cost of your claim from beginning to end—and we only get a fee if you win your case. Call (888) 493-1629 today.

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