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We pay for insurance because we like to feel safe. We know that disaster will strike, we know life throws us curveballs, we know bad things happen to good people sometimes. We buy insurance because it’s worth paying a fee every month if it means avoiding financial ruin when bad things happen to us. It’s why our insurance agents manage to upsell us on new types of coverage—we love knowing that someone has our back.

Unfortunately, insurance companies have repeatedly shown that they don’t have our backs. People have lost their homes to fires, earthquakes, floods, and sudden disaster…only keeping it together because they think “well, at least I’m insured.” What our neighbors don’t realize is insurance companies are designed to give them as little money as possible—putting them on the hook for the damage they were told was covered.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Your adjuster keeps having to “investigate” the same damage repeatedly.
  • The damage report in no way matches what’s found on your property.
  • Your insurance company is offering way less than you need.
  • Every few weeks, there’s a new reason why your case hasn’t been closed.

This isn’t incompetence—it’s purposeful mishandling of your case to pressure you into either a) giving up, or b) settling for less. Insurers do this to thousands of vulnerable people every year because it is incredibly profitable. Never mind that it is predatory, illegal, and unethical—all that matters is that they save money at the expense of your home, your business, and your family’s well-being.

How to Force Your Insurer to Listen to You

Insurance companies get away with these practices because there’s almost nothing people can do. There’s nothing a bad review, a well-worded email, or an angry phone call can do to make them pay attention to you. Here’s what you can do: you can call a lawyer.

It doesn’t matter how big your insurance company is—they’ll do anything to avoid going to court. We know this because we’ve faced your insurance company in court before. Our property damage claims attorneys know every tactic in the book, and we’ve recovered billions of dollars for people just like you because we know how to counter your insurer’s every move.

Who Is Responsible for Repairing My Condo?

In the event that your condo undergoes damage from a natural disaster or sustains another type of serious damage, you may be wondering who is responsible for getting your property back to the way it was. If your condo was damaged then maybe your neighbor's property was also damaged, since you share a property with other people in a communal living arrangement. Be familiar with your particular condominium association and find out who has property insurance rights and who is required to do what in the event of a disaster that causes damage.

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Our team hates seeing how insurance companies treat people. Families and businesses shouldn’t be paying thousands of dollars a year only to be treated like nobodies in their moment of need. It may seem like there are hundreds of complicated hoops that you have to jump through in order to get the coverage that you know you already deserve. Arnold & Itkin knows how to make these cases move forward.

We understand that you need help getting your life back to normal after an accident, and we want to help you get there.

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