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Explosions are some of the most traumatic, powerful, and life-threatening accidents anyone can experience. Our Kentucky explosion attorneys have represented people in nearly every kind of accident, but nothing affects our clients like explosions do. Acoustic trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, blunt force impact, and burns are just a few of the effects of an explosion.

If you've been injured in an explosion, call Kentucky explosion injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin today. Our lawyers have helped the victims and survivors of life-altering accidents get billions of dollars to help pay for their medical care, keep their homes, and put food on the table. Just one free phone call put our clients on the road to a better life—it could do the same for you too.

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Lincoln County, Kentucky Pipeline Explosion

Early on the morning of August 1, 2019, a pipeline exploded in Lincoln County, Kentucky. The force of the blast destroyed nearby homes, structures, and vehicles. The incident claimed the life of one woman and injured another five people. Five homes were also destroyed.

The explosion occurred at a section of a pipeline known as the Texas Eastern Transmission (TETCO) Pipeline. It starts in the Gulf of Mexico and runs through ten states, eventually terminating in New York City. The TETCO pipeline is decades old and this is the second significant rupture it has had in 2019. Canadian energy company Enbridge, owner of the TETCO pipeline, has confirmed that it is cooperating with authorities investigating the accident.

Boat Explosions in Kentucky

Just two days before the UPS explosion, a boat exploded on Lake Barkley and injured 2 people onboard. They are expected to recover. Investigators believe that the fuel tank exploded shortly after a husband and wife refueled their boat, prompting officials to remind boaters to exercise caution while handling fuel. State officials say that there's at least one explosion on Kentucky waterways every year.

In January 2018, a tugboat exploded while docked near Calvert City undergoing repairs—tragically killing 3 people and injuring several others. Six people were hospitalized, with at least 1 of them suffering serious injuries.

Breaking News! Here are just some of the explosion stories featuring Arnold & Itkin:

The Explosion Attorneys Workers Need

Arnold & Itkin has been serving workers and survivors after explosions for well over a decade, helping thousands of people with serious injuries get the money they needed to recover and move forward. Our reputation has helped us get justice during some of the most complex and high-profile explosions in recent memory.

Here are just a few of the explosions we've investigated on behalf of our clients:

  • The 2005 BP Texas City Explosion
    Just a few months before the Texas City plant—the second-largest refinery in the US—exploded and killed 15 people, BP commissioned a report that told them exactly what sort of dangers their workers were facing. Rather than shut down, they kept production going—eventually triggering an explosion caused by the exact factors outlined in the report.
  • The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Explosion
    In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon suffered a blowout that killed nearly a dozen people and injured or affected hundreds more. One-third of the Deepwater Horizon came to Arnold & Itkin specifically to hold BP accountable, and we did exactly that. In a series of confidential settlements, we made sure our clients were set up for life.
  • The 2013 Williams Olefins Geismar Explosion
    In 2013, a plant explosion in Geismar, Louisiana killed 2 workers and injured 167 more. Many of those workers came to us because they knew something wasn't right—and the company seemed to be hiding something. As it turns out, Williams Olefins had been repeatedly warned that their reboiler system was going to explode if it wasn't revised. Fixing the issue would have taken only a few minutes and a few dollars, but the company refused to solve the problem because it would have slowed production. Our clients obtained over $30 million for their pain and suffering.

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Arnold & Itkin is the explosion law firm people call when they've been hurt. If you've been injured in a workplace explosion, call our firm for a free consultation. Our guidance and resources have helped thousands of workers get the money they needed to provide for their families, keep them afloat while they were out of work, and pay for all of their past and future medical care.

Here are some of the case results our clients have won with our resources and counsel:

  • $97 million for a group of workers who were burned following an explosion and a fire at their job site.
  • $39.7 million for a man who was severely injured in a dust explosion at a plywood plant.
  • $18.5 million for a group of four workers who were injured in an explosion at the Geismar plant owned by Williams Olefins. This is the second of two multi-million dollar verdicts won for these clients.
  • $15.45 million won for the first Geismar explosion trial, which was the first trial that forced Williams Olefins to take the damage they caused seriously.

Here's how the process works: once you call or send us an online form, we'll reach out to set up a consultation with one of our Kentucky explosion lawyers. Together, you'll discuss what happened, review your legal options, and figure out the next step to take. If our firm can help you, we'll cover the cost of your case from beginning to end—no bills, no invoice, no upfront payment of any kind. Our firm advances the cost of the case (including our fee and, in some cases, your basic living expenses) against your verdict or settlement. We absorb any risk, so if you don't win, you still don't pay anything. Our clients never have to pay us out of pocket, ever.

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