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If you’ve suffered because of an explosion accident, such as a catastrophic pipeline explosion, answers are available from those who caused it. Explosions are not common parts of everyday life, so someone likely failed to prevent the one which harmed you. At Arnold & Itkin, our Kentucky explosion lawyers know how to help those struggling to find answers after an accident. We’ve won billions of dollars for clients and have proudly helped them recover losses caused by medical debt, lost wages, property damage, and other damages caused by explosions.

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Consequences of Serious Kentucky Pipeline Explosions

Common locations for explosions are along natural gas pipelines. These modern marvels travel aboveground, underground, and even through water to transport natural gas. However, when a pipeline fails, the resulting explosion is almost always catastrophic. Explosions damage property and fires caused by them can kill those nearby or cause serious injuries. Their blast radius is wide, their force powerful, and their heat dangerous.

The consequences of pipeline explosions include:

One challenge with maintaining pipelines is the fact that they might function for years before they have any problems. Companies who own pipelines must ensure that they regularly inspect and maintain their property to avoid harming those who spend each day near them. No matter how much pipe a company owns, they must prevent the unthinkable the careful inch-by-inch inspection of their systems.

The Lincoln County, Kentucky Pipeline Explosion

On August 1, 2019, the unthinkable happened in Lincoln County when a pipeline exploded just outside of a mobile home park. The incident took the life of one person, injured five more, and destroyed five homes. Flames from the resulting fire reached up to 300 feet into the air and residents could see them for miles. NBC News reported that the blast was so powerful that cars were hit with debris up to a quarter-mile away. One witness even compared the explosion to an atomic bomb.

The exploded pipeline section was a small piece of one of the nation’s largest pipeline systems.

It belongs to the Texas Eastern Transmission (TETCO) Pipeline. The TETCO pipeline runs from the Gulf of Mexico through ten states, terminating in New York City. After decades of use, the pipeline is no stranger to explosions. A portion of the pipeline exploded in April of 2016 in Salem Township, Pennsylvania. Then, another section exploded on January of 2019 in Noble County, Ohio. One thing is certain after these events: its owner, Canadian energy company Enbridge, must ensure that all 9,000 miles of this pipeline are not moments away from disaster.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we have the experience and dedication to obtain results for clients suffering after an explosion accident. We’ve won billions for our clients, including for those who’ve suffered a pipeline explosion. Energy companies have a responsibility to maintain their pipelines. When they fail to do so, those who are unlucky enough to be near the resulting explosion pay the steepest prices. Our goals are simple: we want to restore financial stability to the lives of our clients and hold responsible parties accountable so more people don’t suffer in the same way.

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