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Louisiana is home to some of the most severe heat and humidity in the country. This heat does not only exist in the summer but sticks around in the spring and early fall as well. At these temperatures rise, Louisiana residents thoroughly enjoy getting to the gulf, lakes, and more convenient swimming pools to have fun and beat the heat. While these recreational destinations provide pure fun most of the time, they still pose life-threatening dangers. Drownings still happen, even when supervising professionals such as lifeguards are on duty.

Finding Accountability in Louisiana Drowning Accidents

When an accident occurs, the fault of an injury or wrongful death may be traceable to the owners or supervisors of the recreational space. Though this can happen almost any number of ways, each type of case can be traced to the fault of at least one party.

There are four common examples of negligence that lead to drowning:

  • Lifeguard Negligence at a Public Pool: Many days at work for a lifeguard are rather slow, which may lead to listlessness late in the summer. Sometimes, children or fellow swimmers are drowning, and the lifeguard on duty is not paying attention, leading to the swimmer losing his or her life. When this is the case, the lifeguard and the owner of the pool may be held liable for wrongful death.
  • Pulled Under the Water By Suction: Faulty pool filters can also be known to cause drowning accidents. Their suction can force a swimmer underneath the water, and if no one is around to notice the occurrence, it is only a matter of time until that swimmer runs out of breath. In this case, the manufacturers of the pool filtration systems may be held accountable.
  • Parent/Guardian Negligence: In many scenarios, parents, guardians, or sitters may walk away from the pool. As the party responsible for monitoring the young swimmers’ safety at that time, he or she may be liable for the deaths or injuries that result.
  • Horseplay Among Swimmers: As swimmers have fun by pushing or running near the edges of the pool, serious injuries can occur. Smooth decorative rocks common to private pools make it more likely for an individual to be knocked unconscious entering the water. In these cases, those behaving unsafely around the pool may be held responsible for compensation.

As mentioned, these cases can be much more complex than the few previously described. Also, it may require the help of an experienced, objective team to determine what factors may have been at play in the incident that took place. The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP have represented hundreds of tragic accident cases, and we understand how complicated and devastating they can be.

Consulting with a Qualified Accident Attorney in Louisiana

If you suffered an injury or someone close to you passed away in a tragic accident involving recreational water, the sooner you act, the sooner our legal team will be able to begin building your case. Fun does not have to mean dangerous, and Arnold & Itkin believes you should not have to suffer because of another’s negligence. We know that money cannot replace the loved one you lost or undo the injuries that were suffered, but it can provide the security you need to move forward with peace and confidence. At our firm, your well-being is our final goal.

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