Motorcycle Accident Causes What Caused Your Collision?

Causes of Houston Motorcycle Crashes

Negligent Drivers Causing Crashes

No two accidents are the same, however, that doesn't meant that their cause isn't. Popular myth would have you believe that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of a motorcyclist—and while this is not always untrue, the fact is that the primary causes for motorcycle accidents are much more varied than that. In fact, it has been shown that in a large portion of accidents, the main cause is not that the motorcyclist was negligent in any way, but rather that the driver of the passenger vehicle somehow violated their rights. This could mean not paying attention or not checking blind spots and swerving into their lane or making an abrupt turn.

"Negligent drivers" seems like a broad term, and this is because negligence can be classified hundreds of different ways. Any time the driver of a vehicle is not obeying all necessary traffic laws they are driving in a negligent manner. There is even a window to act negligently while obeying traffic laws, such as in the case of some distracted driving.

Any time a driver does not signal when changing lanes or turning, this can be considered negligence if it resulted in a collision with a motorcycle. Any time a driver was distracted by a cell phone, the radio, or even something else on the road and this causes an accident, they can be considered to have been driving negligently. An alert driver is fully aware of the circumstances on the road around him or her, obeying all traffic laws as well. If you are a motorcycle driver and were injured because of a negligent driver then you can get help filing a claim.

Driver Blind Spots

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists have a higher fatality rate in comparison to drivers of passenger vehicles. If you ride a motorcycle, your risk of a fatal crash is 35 percent higher and 16 times the injury rate than drivers of other vehicles. Motorcycles provide little safety in the event of a crash, so extra precaution must always be taken when on the road. One leading cause of motorcycle crashes is negligent driving on behalf of drivers of passenger vehicles. Because motorcyclists are harder to see on the road, it is easier for a driver to have a lapse in judgment and get involved in an accident with a motorcyclist.

One of the main driver errors that lead to motorcycle crashes involves blind spots. Every vehicle has blind spots, and drivers must be aware of them in order to avoid accident in any form. Since motorcycles take up less space on the road and they are also allowed to maneuver in between vehicles, drivers may not signal properly or look long enough in order to notice a motorcyclist before it is too late. Many car and motorcycle accidents may also caused by window glare blind spots. Drivers need to take extra precaution when it comes to avoiding motorcyclists on the road. When drivers aren't careful to check their blind spots, motorcyclists can end up with serious injuries.

Dangerous Roadways

Another commonly overlooked cause is that of a dangerous roadway. Potholes, uneven payment, and the like may be an inconvenience for a passenger vehicle, but it can be outright deadly for someone in a motorcycle. With a smaller vehicle with much less stability, even the slightest dip in the road or unexpected crack could cause the operator to lose control of the vehicle and swerve. In these cases, it is not another person that would be held accountable, but rather the government entity responsible for the upkeep of those roadways.

Defective Equipment

An also much overlooked cause of motorcycle accidents is defective equipment. While most people like to believe that they are purchasing a 100% safe and tested vehicle, the truth is that there are parts and pieces that could be defective. This could be a design that was defective from the inception or could even be a product that was designed safe but manufactured poorly (for example, being built with low-quality material). Should this occur, it could cause the motorcycle to "wobble" at high speeds or fail entirely. Some motorcycles are not equipped with an ABS system that allows for emergency braking, and a lack of ABS has been proven to cause accidents.

Why Hire a Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you have recently been involved in a motorcycle crash, no matter whether it was caused by a road defect or the negligence of a passenger vehicle, then you deserve to have the legal assistance of a knowledgeable Houston motorcycle accident attorney that you can trust. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we have been proven as true advocate for the rights of the victims. No matter the exact cause of the accident, you can rest assured knowing that we will do everything that we can to protect you. So don't wait! Give us a call today.

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