Survivors of Fort Worth Pileup Deserve Answers

- Arnold & Itkin LLP

Earlier this month, Texas was hit by unprecedented winter storms. Low temperatures, heavy snowfall, and ice wreaked havoc on the state’s infrastructure. Across the state, people lost power, roads were shut down, and grocery store shelves were emptied. The weather created a situation that the state was woefully unprepared for and conditions that many of its residents have never experienced. Among the first signs that the state wasn’t prepared for severe winter weather was a tragic one. During the early hours of February 11, the cold temperatures caused the surface of Interstate-35W to ice over just in time for the morning rush hour. The result was a pileup in Fort Worth that involved at least 133 cars, killed 6 people, and injured dozens more.

What Happened During the Historic I-35 Pileup

Video captured at the scene is disturbing. In it, vehicle after vehicle slides across the slick road and slams into the growing pile of wreckage. Onlookers expressed horror at the seemingly endless chain-reaction crash. While every collision was bad, the severity of the situation was compounded each time a large truck joined the fray.

As semi’s slid into the crash, they turned into wrecking balls—obliterating vehicles. Large trucks hit with such force that they launched up and over the vehicles ahead of them in some cases. While the situation was unprecedented, it was worsened by the drivers of large trucks who didn’t adequately adapt to conditions.

Arnold & Itkin Is Representing Victims of the Fort Worth Crash

Our truck accident lawyers are currently helping survivors of this accident receive the answers that they deserve. Our clients sustained serious injuries from multiple impacts, including ones to the head and trauma related to partial crushing. We’re asserting that the companies and drivers involved with this incident drove too fast and are at least partially responsible for the destruction that occurred on I-35.

“A catastrophic collision like the February 11 disaster will have multiple contributing factors,” Attorney Adam Lewis said to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “By filing a civil lawsuit, the victims have the ability to conduct their own investigation, get answers as to why this preventable incident occurred and achieve justice.”

Had the companies involved avoided negligent hiring practices and properly trained their drivers, our clients wouldn’t be suffering as they are now. Our clients survived one of the worst motor vehicle accidents in Texas history. Now, they deserve answers from the people who should’ve prevented their suffering.

We’ll fight for these answers.

No matter what.

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