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If you are working for a vessel that travels on foreign waters, you have likely heard of or experienced the danger of pirate crews. Because of technology and advanced weaponry, modern-day pirates are a far greater threat to vessels than the pirates of the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, the typical pirate imagery of a cutlass has been replaced by semi-automatic guns. However, even though piracy has existed for centuries, it has recently been recognized as one of the most dangerous risks associated with maritime work. As an offshore worker, it is important for you to understand the maritime laws that can protect your rights in the case of a pirate attack. It is wise to consult a maritime attorney about your line of work and how you can recover compensation for injuries related to pirate attacks. At Arnold & Itkin, our professional legal team may be able to help you seek compensation to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses that may have occurred as a result of the attack.

Defending Against Maritime Piracy

Maritime piracy is not ancient history. Rather, it is as alive and well as it has ever been. Modern maritime piracy attacks often involve robbery, but they can also sometimes turn violent. Sometimes pirates even take offshore workers hostage and demand a ransom. Because of the threat of maritime piracy, offshore companies have implemented plans in hopes of countering these attacks of maritime piracy.

These plans may include the following:

  • Test exercises
  • Onboard security
  • Other preventative measures

If you work on a vessel in foreign waters, there should be a plan of defense in the event of an attack. Some areas of the world are more dangerous than others, so it is important to know what waters are prone to piracy. For example, Somalia is an extremely dangerous place for offshore workers. These waters see not only the greatest number of attacks but also the most violent attacks. It is the responsibility of your employer to adequately warn you of the dangers you face in whatever area you are working in. You have the right to have that information disclosed to you, so if your employer is not fully informing you of pertinent information and you are injured as a result, you may have a claim.

Many offshore employers are now implementing special training for their employees in the event of a piracy attack. It may take the form of a fire drill of sorts, so workers know exactly what to do in the event of a real emergency. If you are traveling in international waters but are not aware of any piracy defense training, you should speak with your employer immediately. Your employer is responsible for your safety, so if you are harmed in an attack of piracy and your employer did not adequately warn you of how to respond in that situation, then you could be entitled to a claim.

Helping Victims of Maritime Piracy Fight for Recovery

Our firm is founded on a commitment to provide legal counsel and support to those who sustained serious injuries. We created this website to provide helpful information and guidance to maritime workers through the United States and those who have been injured in foreign waters. A pirate attack typically occurs overseas, and American seamen are usually confused about how to go about seeking compensation for an attack in foreign waters. With our help, your case will be filed under the right maritime law and your chances of recovering compensation greatly increase.

We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of offshore workers injured by pirate attacks in recent years. This has given us an opportunity to build upon our skills and knowledge in this area of maritime law. Ship owners and employers must do their part to deter and prevent pirate attacks on their ship. If you feel that your ship was attacked because the necessary safety measures were ignored, it is important for your voice to be heard. Don't wait to contact Arnold & Itkin about your pirate attack. We can provide you with the legal backing you need to face your employer and stand up for others who have been injured because of negligent safety practices.

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