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Suit Filed for Worker Who Sustained Chemical Burns

Kurt Arnold and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a worker who was severely burned on his legs, thighs and genitals. The burns the man received were from a hazardous chemical. The incident occurred when the man was directed to unplug a hose that still had pressurized acid inside of it. When the hose was disconnected, the man was doused in the acid. The suit is currently pending in Harris County, Texas.

This is a case in which there was inadequate supervision and proper safety equipment as well as a lack of training. Workers who are dealing with toxic chemicals such as acid should absolutely be wearing protective gear, due to requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Acid is a hazardous material, and should be handled with the utmost care. If the employees were trained properly, then the worker likely would not have been directed to disconnect a hose that still had pressurized acid in it.

Employees, especially those who work in industrial environments, should be the most highly trained and most highly supervised individuals. The nature of occupations such as this is dangerous, and one slip can end a worker up in the emergency room. Depending on the severity of these burns, the man may not even be able to work again, therefore losing his ability to earn an income. Loss of wages as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering may be ways that this man can receive compensation. We will fight to make sure that he receives what he deserves.