Can Driving Too Slowly be Dangerous?

Everyone knows that excessive speeding is dangerous and can lead to deadly car accidents. But can driving too slowly also cause problems? While you might not think it's possible, the truth is, driving at excessively slow speeds can create road hazards that are potentially just as dangerous. While slow drivers may not run quite as high a risk of collision as individuals who speed, their actions may inadvertently lead to accidents.

A driver who insists on moving along well below the speed limit may incite other drivers to overtake them, particularly if the driver is at the head of traffic on a two-lane road. While only the passing motorist will be blamed if a collision results from this action, the slow motorist has certainly played a part in the accident. All drivers should take into account how their actions, including the speed they travel at, will affect the safety of the people with whom they share the road.

Slow driving presents such a hazard that, in some states, a motorist moving well below the speed limit can be pulled over for a traffic violation. Police officials note that while it's uncommon, you really can get a ticket if excessively slow driving blocks traffic or creates a road hazard. The most important tool drivers have for preventing accidents on the road is common sense. Driving too quickly or slowly is never a good idea, and should be avoided whenever possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by another person's unsafe actions, you may be entitled to compensation. The Houston personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have successfully represented numerous accident victims, recovering millions of dollars on their behalf. Contact a Houston injury lawyer at our offices today for a consultation regarding your case—the first call is always free, and you don't pay a penny unless we win on your behalf.


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