What's the Standard for Rollover Stability?

People began to notice how big of a problem rollover accidents were about 30 years ago. Light trucks and utility vehicles (like vans) are involved in many more rollover accidents than regular passenger vehicles, five times more to be exact. Death and serious injury are also two times as high for truck accidents as accidents involving other vehicles. These types of vehicles have also increased in popularity over the past few decades, which in effect cause the crash rate to rise. Even though there is an obvious problem, there is currently no standard set in place by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for light truck and utility vehicle safety. Test after test has been implemented in order to increase safety in utility vehicles, with some requirements being implemented- such as roof crush resistance.

The shift then began to be placed on the driver. So instead of making cars safer, the industry was simply warning consumers which ones weren't as safe. Electronic Stability Controls (ESC) is now being implemented in cars that will hopefully help prevent rollovers from happening. ESC is a software in cars to help monitor its mechanics. If the car senses an impending accident, it will correct it before it happens. As of right now, only luxury model cars seem to have ESC. In the future the industry hopes to see more and more cars coming equipped with this type of a standard. Until then, a high rate of rollover accidents will likely continue. If you were involved in a rollover accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident, then seek legal help from a Houston personal injury attorney at our firm. You may be entitled to compensation, so contact a Houston personal injury lawyer from Arnold & Itkin today.


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