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140 Car Pileup Due to Fog Wreaks Havoc in Texas

Texas was covered in dense fog on Thanksgiving Day, causing drivers to lose their visibility inside the thick clouds. Once inside the dense fog, drivers came upon brake lights too soon and cars and trucks began to collide in a tangled mess. According to US News CBS, semi-trucks and compact cars were smashed and pummeled in this pileup that sent authorities and rescue teams to the scene immediately to pull the injured from the wreckage.

The accident was a chain reaction which began as visibility disappeared along Interstate 10 southwest of Beaumont. The first car to crash was travelling on the eastbound side of the narrow highway. This led to crashes behind as drivers did not notice the wreck until they were mere feet away. Accidents also began on the other side of the freeway as a result.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says that two people were killed in a Chevy Suburban SUV when the vehicle was crushed under a tractor trailer. Allegedly, about 90 people were taken to hospitals after the wreck and up to 12 of those individuals were in critical condition upon arrival. The police estimate that 140 to 150 cars and trucks were involved in the messy string of collisions.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy says that the accident was “catastrophic.” Photos of the wreckage show totaled cars and tipped trucks on the narrow road or in the grass that lines the highway. The police say that the fog was so thick at the scene of the accident that it took police awhile to recognize that there were multiple cars involved.

As they continued to walk down the side of the highway, they were shocked to see more and more cars involved in tragic wrecks. The highway remained closed for eight hour, barring many families from making it to their Thanksgiving destinations. Part of the reason that the accident was so devastating was the fact that cars were travelling at approximately 70 mph when they collided. If you have been injured in a multiple car pileup like this one, you may have the right to seek compensation from a driver at-fault.

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