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New Jersey Train Derails Caused by Faulty Bridge Reconstruction

Breaking news reports that this morning in New Jersey, a bridge collapsed as a large freight train was crossing. This incident caused four of the train cars to derail, sending two of them into the Mantua Creek leaking hazardous materials into the waters. The accident was reported to have happened at 7 a.m. in Paulsboro, and the cause is believed to be a direct result of the old bridge’s recent reconstruction. As an old swing bridge, the city has had many problems with it in the past, leaving the city to rebuild it after a collapse in 2009.

Unfortunately, the dangerous bridge is not the cities primary concern at this point, but rather it is the vinyl chloride gas that was leaked as a result of the derailment. CBS News reports that after the crash, multiple people came forward with problems breathing, 11 of them were taken to the hospital for immediate treatments, and another five chose to go to the hospital on their own. The surrounding cities including Paulsboro, East Greenwich and West Deptford were warned to not leave their homes after the gas leakage.

The Environmental Protection Agency claims that anyone exposed to this specific hazardous chemical may suffer both eye and respiratory irritation. Unfortunately for those who were more heavily exposed may undergo more severe illnesses including lung and kidney irritation, as well as possible blood clots. Sadly, those who are exposed specifically to vinyl chloride face a greater chance of developing a rare liver cancer in the future.

At this point it is believed that only one of the cars that fell into the water actually released the toxin. Currently the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident to determine the root cause. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a toxin exposure or a train accident do not hesitate in contacting a personal injury attorney today at Arnold & Itkin. We are here to help victims fight for the compensation they deserve after injuries, contact us today for more information.