What to Do When Your Car is Sinking

When driving a vehicle, one can expect that it will keep them safe from harm as they go about their travels and yet people are injured and killed on a daily basis in car accidents. In some car accidents, drivers may find that their car has been sent off the side of the road and perhaps stuck in a canal. This particular event has been quite popular in the state of Florida, and according to their statistics, around 300 people die each year due to their cars sinking into water causing the passengers to drown with the vehicle.

Car accidents may not be the only cause for people getting sent off the road, drivers when they are tired may swerve and go off the side on their own or hit another car and get sent over the edge. What is shocking is how little water it takes to make a vehicle float off of its wheels, only 6 inches to 2 feet of water. There is a small window of opportunity before the car starts to sink into the water, anywhere between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. For those cars with electric windows, the electricity tends to go out within seconds of hitting the water.

It is believed that a car that dives into the water nose first can be much more dangerous. When the nose crashes first into the water the doors are submerged much more quickly and therefore they are jammed because of the water impact. The fear of drowning in a car tends to cause panic for the victims, and when they are unprepared to handle the situation, many times they will breathe much harder making the oxygen run out faster. When this happens a person may pass out, and an escape is impossible if they are alone and unconscious.

One of the most important factors than any driver can be prepared with on the road is a tool that will be able to break open a window as well as cutting off a seatbelt. Here are a few ways to keep in mind that just may save your life in the event that you get in an accident that sends you into the water. First, escape tools are a must within your vehicle. Anything that can cut you out of your seatbelt or break open your window, make sure this is in a location that is easily reached.

If you are sent into the water, one of the first things you can do before being fully submerged is unclick your seatbelt, if you don’t have a cutting tool, doing this immediately may save your life. While it is very easy to be overwhelmed with panic during this time, remembering to roll down a window is essential as well in the off chance you have nothing to help you break out of the car as it goes into the water. Opening the window as soon as possible is imperative, the moment the electricity on your car goes out it will likely not work.

Another tip is to try and keep the door of your car open at all times, to allow for an easier escape. Lastly, if there is more than just the driver in the car escape together, hold hands and get out at the same time. Rehearse these things with your family, especially if you know that you will be driving by any bodies of water, big or small. Car accidents happen for many reasons, and unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable. In the event that you and your family do experience something like this, preparation for a disaster just might be what saves your life.


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