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$700,000 Settled on Behalf of Injured Jones Act Seaman

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin have recently settled a case on behalf of an injured Jones Act seaman who was hurt in a slip and fall accident offshore. As a result of his injury, he incurred severe damage in his lower back requiring him to undergo surgery. With the help of the legal team at Arnold & Itkin, they were able to reach a settlement of $700,000 one week prior to the starting trial date. Not only that, but the defendant company also agreed that in addition to the monetary settlement, they would also cover the costs of the surgery under their legal obligation for maintenance and cure for Jones Act workers. This case was pending in Harris County, Texas when the settlement was reached.

Maintenance and cure is an obligation of the law for maritime employers to offer financial admittance to their Jones Act seaman who are injured on the job. Whether a seaman is injured or ill, the employers are responsible to cover maintenance which includes benefits of room and board, food as well as utility costs. Under cure, the employers are also obligated to pay for any medical costs that may associate with the injury whether it is surgery, medical tests, medications, and the like.

Offshore injuries can happen in many different situations because of the nature of the job already being so dangerous. However, if the workers are injured as a result of these minor accidents, even something such as a slippery deck; the employer is required to help the worker recover and hopefully come back to work after they fully heal. In the event that you or a loved one have been injured in an accident similar to this, contact your trusted Houston offshore injury attorney for the legal representation you need during this time.