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ExxonMobil Refinery Fire Injures 12 Workers

An ExxonMobil refinery caught fire this morning in Beaumont, Texas causing injuries to 12 contract workers in the refinery's processing unit. According to reports by the ExxonMobil spokesperson, Kathleen Jackson, the unit was shut down for maintenance and around 10:30 a.m. a fire was kindled. Jackson reports that the fire was quickly brought under control and has now been entirely put out.

Six of the twelve who were injured were taken to the Beaumont Hospital for further treatment and medical evaluations; three of them suffering from severe burn injuries. Unfortunately, due to the air quality from the smoke, the critically injured victims could not be airlifted to the hospital. Ambulances were relied on to rush the victims to receive emergency care.

Oil plant and refinery fires are not unheard of in the industrial business, and in many cases these fires can often lead into more dangerous problems on the site. Sadly 12 men suffered injuries on the job, three of them experiencing severe burns from the fire, though the cause is yet uncertain. Neighbors in the area claim they did not hear sirens from the refinery that could have warned them about the emergency situation.

At this time there is very little information as to what started the fire but investigators have begun the process of determining what happened. In many situations, fires are often a result of the negligence of another employee or the employer who failed to properly repair and maintain certain machinery on the site. As a result of this negligence many people's lives can be placed at risk, in some cases resulting in severe injuries or even death.

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