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Eagle Ford Lawsuits Double After Three Years

Eagle Ford shale production has been a controversial fracking operation that has been in place for the past several years. More and more individuals are becoming educated on the practice of fracking and taking a stand. Many have chosen to litigate in order to raise awareness of the potential dangers of this activity. In the past three years, the amount of lawsuits against Eagle Ford shale drilling has doubled.

What Recent Studies Reveal About Fracking

A recent study claims that the earthquakes in south Texas are not caused by fracking fluid that is being put in the ground, but by extracting oil from underneath the surface. This study was published in the scientific journal Earth and Planetary Science. Companies that participate in fracking hope that this new discovery will help to prove that fracking is not damaging the environment as some believe that it is.

On the other hand, a government study links fracking fluids to the death of many fish in a Kentucky creek. Allegedly, a gas driller neglected to design wells following the best practices and as a result the fluids leaked into the creek where they threatened the live of the Blackside dace minnow and other fish in Acorn Fork Creek. Government studies believe that this particular pollution originated from Nami Resources Co. LLC. The Interior Department added that fracking fluids were probably responsible for the widespread death of the dace minnow in 2007.

Montana Opposes Fracking Regulations

The Great Falls Tribune recently reported that the state of Montana will now join Alabama, Alaska, and Oklahoma in protesting the Bureau of Land Management and their plans to regulate fracking on federal land. The state argues that the Bureau of Land Management will duplicate existing state programs if they enact all of their different regulations.

New York Court Will Hear Fracking Ban Appeal

The New York Court of Appeals has agreed to hear a case involving a drilling company and a farmer's challenge on the bans regarding fracking in upstate New York. The court plans to hold the appeal next spring, but this could be a serious determinant in the direction that the state decides to go regarding fracking. The plaintiff in the case claims that the government is keeping her from making money on her land because she cannot drill. At the time, she says that she signed two oil and gas leases and then was banned from allowing fracking on her property.

Do you have a fracking lawsuit?

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