Pennsylvania Landowners Threaten to Sue Over Fracking Moratorium

Reports show that the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance is gearing up to sue the Delaware River Basin Commission if they do not lift their moratorium on natural gas exploration and production. The Delaware River Basin Commission has had the moratorium in place for the past three years, and this has imposed a heavy financial toll on thousands of people who chose to lease their land for drilling. The groups who have leased their land for drilling say that the Delaware River Basin Commission is being driven by the media and trying to cater to the anti-fracking community while failing to remember that many individuals have leased their land primarily for the purpose of fracking.

Opponents of fracking often argue that the compromised water will be an issue. The anti-fracking advocates believe that fracking will produce toxic waste that will cause damage to the water supply. As a result, the believe that the activity will pollute the Delaware River Basin which supplies about one-third of the state of New Jersey with water. The EPA says that they will release a report on the matter by 2014 to help guide the decision.

The Charleston Post and Courier says that fracking is becoming a common activity in the United States. In the year 2005, coal was 50% of the US power generation, but now it has dropped to 37% because of other alternatives like fracking. Still, there are dangers with the process. In West Virginia, a recent fracking explosion injured seven workers in Doddridge County.

The accident caused life-threatening burns. Also, the EPA has been criticized after the abandoned a study on fracking in Wyoming midway through the investigation. They were looking at the contamination levels in a natural gas field where fracking was taking place. About halfway through the process, the EPA disengaged and decided to pursue other interests. Still, the EPA says that it will revisit the issue later and make sure that they address the dangers of hydraulic fracturing when necessary.

Fracking has an enemy in the many environmental safety groups that oppose the action. Many individuals make it their mission to stop fracking, because they believe that it will pollute the fields and water sources surrounding the area where the process takes place. Opponents say that anti-fracking crusaders have been effective, but they believe that fracking will win out in the end. Only time will tell whether the environmentalists' claims are accurate, or whether fracking is a safe process t. If you want more information about fracking then you need to talk to an attorney at Arnold & Itkin today. The Houston personal injury lawyers at this firm are willing to help you seek compensation if you have been a victim of fracking pollution.


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