Farmers Sue Monsanto Over Modified Wheat

The largest seed company in the world, Monsanto Co. has now been sued as a result of the contaminated wheat by a Washington farm and an environmental group because of their alleged failure to prevent the wheat from somehow being genetically modified. In the Spokane, WA court he Center for Food Safety filed a complaint just following another suit from a Kansas farm for the companies modified wheat that they sold to farms across the globe. This modified wheat was discovered in May at the Oregon based 125 acre farm, allegedly covering one percent of their crop. The genetically modified seeds are proven to withstand the killing of the popular herbicide, Roundup.

Between the years of 1998 to 2005, Monsanto had been conducting tests to genetically modify their crop to withstand herbicides, however they never received the approval of the government and they stopped their testing in 2005. While they claim to have ceased testing since, this exact strand of genetically modified seed was discovered on their lands. The Center for Food Safety states in their complaint that the actions of Monsanto were wrongful and now because of it, their products are now useless to those who have purchased them. Due to their misconduct, the global wheat market will suffer because of the genetically engineered product, in which other farmers around the world refuse to take part in.

In the current lawsuit, they are seeking to represent farmers who have grown, planted or harvested their wheat seeds since the date of May 13 this year. Their goal is to prove the negligence of the Oregon based company in hopes of having the plaintiffs awarded the property compensation for their loss of product. Also, as a part of the damages, the plaintiffs are also seeking to require Monsanto to decontaminate their fields as well.


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