Pawnee Suffers from Lack of Emergency Personnel

Oil and gas expansion has caused the population in many small towns in Texas to boom in recent months. More and more families are flocking to small oil towns in order to try and make a living with black gold. While some towns are enthusiastic about the new crop of citizens, others are worried that overpopulation is going to cause serious problems. In the little town of Pawnee, the population boom is creating serious issues when it comes to emergency responder teams.

With more people in the town, there are more accidents. As a result, the little town of Pawnee has had to seek out more emergency medical personnel who can treat the injured in these accidents. The Pawnee Fire Department in this little town of 300 residents is made up of volunteers. Unfortunately, as their job becomes more demanding the volunteers in the area are becoming hesitant to work on the squad. They feel that their responsibilities are getting to be more than they can bear.

The Fire Department currently has 10 people on staff who works rotating shifts for volunteer work. Most of these men and women have other full-time paying jobs which they need to attend to make ends meet. This means that they don't always have the availability to respond to an accident that is considered an emergency. Texas Highway 72 cuts through the town of Pawnee, which means that there are many accidents regarding motorists who are heading to Eagle Ford Shale. The town does not have the emergency medical personnel to handle accidents.

Many of the collisions that happen on Highway 72 regard oil trucks and gas tanks, so they can be highly dangerous and flammable. In the past year, Pawnee Fire officials say that 80% of the calls that they have received have been for traffic accidents in the area. The calls for help have doubled in the past year, and the staff simply cannot keep up. If you have been injured because of a car accident and were not able to receive the assistance necessary, then you need to talk to a lawyer at Arnold & Itkin today. With the right Texas car accident lawyer on your side, you may be able to make a convincing case and eventually seek damages for your loss.


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