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Centerpoint Energy Sued over Children's Devastating Injuries

The parents of two young children who were electrocuted in their own back yard have filed suit against Centerpoint Energy. The family alleges that the children's devastating injuries were the result of the power provider's negligence.

On the day of the accident, the kids, a five year old girl and three year old boy, were shocked when a guy wire dangling in their back yard suddenly became electrified. The little girl was set on fire, stopped breathing, and had to be revived by CPR. Both children had to be given skin grafts, and both suffered amputations of limbs.

Two weeks prior to this tragic accident, the victims' parents had reported the presence of the dangling wire to Centerpoint. Unfortunately, no action was taken, and the innocent children suffered this life-altering accident as a result. According to the lawsuit, Centerpoint should have known the guy wire could have become electrified. The plaintiffs further contend that Centerpoint is solely responsible for the devastating consequences of its inaction.

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