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Formosa Neighbors Fear Dangers After Fire at Texas Plant

After the tragic explosion in Waco, Texas at a fertilizer plant, many residents in the state are on edge. Neighbors of the Formosa Plastics plant in Point Comfort, Texas were nervous when they heard the shrill sirens sound off from the nearby plant. One woman tells the Victoria Advocate she had just put her 17-month-old daughter down for a nap when she heard the sirens. Thankfully, she knew that the sirens weren't signaling an evacuation.

Yet as she looked up, this witness with the initials H.T. says she could see the thick black smoke billowing into the air. She packed up a diaper bag, just in case the evacuation sirens went off, forcing her out of her home because of the threat of chemical exposure.

H.T.'s father works at Formosa Plastics, and she was thankful when she observed that the smoke was not coming from the location of the plant where he was employed. The 1,600 acre plant has a variety of different stations where plastics are processed and chemicals are created. H.T. says that she has grown up near the plant, but as a local the danger of a plant explosion, fire, or chemical exposure incident is always in the back of her mind.

She told the Victoria Advocate that she is always afraid of the dangers that could occur living so close to a petrochemical plant. H.T. says that the plant tests their emergency alarm system every Monday and Wednesday at scheduled times. She has learned to anticipate the shrill alarm that pierces the generally quiet neighborhoods of Point Comfort.

This 18-year-old says she lives with her daughter, her 13-year-old brother and her parents in the closest house to the Formosa plant. She told reporters she is aware of the fact that the chemical plant could explode at some point, and if it did she is sure her home would be flattened in an instant. H.T.'s 13-year-old brother says he is more concerned about the location of their home after the West Fertilizer Plant explosion. The teenager says that despite the predicament they are in, the family has never considered moving. They enjoy Point Comfort and it allows their father to have almost no commute.

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