Berkshire Insurance Accused of Denying & Delaying Asbestos Claims to Victims

Deadly Debris leads to Life Threatening Cancer

Decades ago, a Jackson County Courthouse administrative assistant from Kansas City, MO was exposed to a deadly chemical without ever realizing the risk. For months on end, N. Lopez had construction dust and strange white flakes falling onto her desk in the office, and little did she know that the debris she was inhaling were asbestos fibers, a deadly chemical. Many years went by before she began suffering from the side effects of her exposure; it wasn't until 2009 that she was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Victim Takes Legal Action Against Construction Company

Realizing her life-threatening illness was a direct link to the debris she was exposed to in the 1980's, she filed a lawsuit against the construction company, as well as the county. It wasn't until the lawsuit was filed that the victim and her attorney learned that they were going to be fighting a highly acclaimed investor and philanthropist, Warren Buffet, who is known as "one of the most powerful forces in asbestos pollution litigation in the world," according to Scripps Howard News Service.

Fighting the Giants

Berkshire's hand is prominently involved in asbestos litigation matters all throughout America. So much so, that if you are in the country and you file a claim, you are likely to deal with of the subsidiaries from their company. Investigators with Scripps have interviewed a number of sources that are connected with asbestos claims, some past victims as well as past insiders of the company, all of which accused Berkshire for wrongful actions. Whether it is Berkshire, or the Berkshire owned companies, these 20 sources accused that any of them who handle the asbestos cases are known to denying or delaying the claims against them in order to save themselves money for compensation.

How do they do so? By simply delaying the cases long enough so the victims of the asbestos exposure die from their life-threatening cancer. Because juries often feel the pain of the victims who are on the stands, the ploy to deny the court hearings until the victims die is highly in Berkshire's favor. Arbitrators in numerous court cases have alleged that the Berkshire and associated companies are continually acting in intentional or bad faith to save themselves millions in pay outs to the victims and their families.

The Dangerous Concentration of Power Will Harm Victims

The concern that Lopez' attorney holds, along with many others dealing with these claims, is that because Berkshire controls the majority of the asbestos claims, the concentration of power is far too great. When one large insurance company controls the bulk of the insurance pay outs, there is a much higher chance of power being abused. Lopez, like so many others, succumbed to her deadly case of mesothelioma just 18 months after being diagnosed. The disheartening truth is that money is controlling these cases, not the maltreatment of victims, and it is causing the suffering of more and more families as a result.

Filling an Asbestos Lawsuit

Though asbestos is not as commonly seen today, there are still many victims now that are suffering from the exposure effects decades ago. In most cases, it can take an estimated twenty years for the side effects of exposure to appear, which is why so many cases are arising today. Even though regulations weren't set until the late 1970's against using this chemical, the majority of the industry was well aware of the dangers of this airborne fiber since the 1940's. Even after regulations were set in place later on, some companies continued their current practices without care for the risks.

Are you or a loved one victims of the deadly asbestos exposure? If so, you are among many of the people that have been affected by this deadly chemical, and you deserve compensation for your suffering. If you would like to learn more about how to take legal action, even against the bigger companies, contact a Houston personal injury attorney that you can rely on. At Arnold & Itkin, we are highly trained legal professionals who are prepared to handle even the most difficult of personal injury claims.


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