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Karnes County Reports Oil Well Blast

Just before 5 A.M. this morning, an oil well exploded in Karnes County causing at least one person to suffer from an injury. As a result of the blast, Highway 80 at Gillett to Highway 119 at Nixon was closed temporarily so that the investigators could assess the scene. The injured victim was reported to have been airlifted from the explosion site for emergency medical treatment, though the extent of his injuries are unknown at this time.

According to the sheriff's office reports, the cause of the oil well blast remains unknown, though they received the help of many surrounding fire departments in order to contain the flames from the explosion. At this time, it is unclear whether or not the blast has been fully contained or if there is any threat to the surrounding community. Fortunately, the blast occurred in a rural location and no harm occurred to any homes in the area.

Causes of Plant Explosions

Oil well explosions can occur for a number of reasons and in many cases can have a disastrous effect on the community nearby the location. Fortunately, in this case, there was little damage, though had it been less of a rural area, the effects could have been much more severe. As of yet, there is only one reported injury, though his suffering is unknown. Causes of explosions can range from a simple cigarette bud catching fire or overall negligence in how the operations are handled on site. Whatever the case may be, if a worker is harmed on the job due to the negligence of another individual or the company, they have a right to receive compensation for their injury.