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Arnold & Itkin Files Suit for Injured Hotel Guest

Recently, a woman came to Arnold & Itkin LLP after being injured during her stay at a luxury hotel. The client was at the Wyndham Riverside Suites in San Antonio, Texas; during the night, she attempted to get up from her hotel bed and travel toward the bathroom. Unfortunately, the design of the hotel room made this difficult. The Wyndham room was installed with motion sensor lights, but the lights failed.

Trip & Fall Accident Case

The client tripped and fell down a stairwell in the darkness, suffering severe injuries to her face, chest, neck, and wrist. Had the motion sensor light turned on, should could have potentially avoided this tragic accident that caused her pain, medical bills, and extreme inconvenience. She is now seeking compensation from the hotel for her injuries. The case is being handled by Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin and is pending in a Bexar County District Court.