New Study Reveals That Most Texans Drive & Text

Statistics on Driving While Texting

There are many distractions that drivers face on the road. From eating and drinking to drowsiness, there are several factors that can cause danger to drivers and those around them. One of the most serious issues that distracts drivers is texting. A recent study reveals that most Texans admit to either talking or texting on the phone while driving on the road.

The study was released by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, which included a total of 3,000 drivers. Three out of four drivers say that they occasional speak on the phone, while two out of four admit to reading and sending texts. On top of that, 49% of survey respondents agreed that texting while driving should be made illegal in the state of Texas. While many drivers may argue that this isn't necessary, there have been numerous deadly accidents caused by texting while driving. While few cities have implemented bans, there is still no statewide law.

Distracted 18-Wheeler Drivers

Even more dangerous than most regular vehicles, 18-wheelers can cause massive destruction on the road. The large size and weight of 18-wheelers can cause serious danger to surrounding drivers. In many cases, distracted 18-wheeler drivers can cause injury and death to others on the road. Texting is a common action for many drivers, including 18-wheeler drivers. Statistics show that nearly 50% of drivers in Texas admit to texting or reading texts while driving, which includes 18-wheeler drivers.

As their vehicles are much more dangerous, even stronger standards should be given to those who operate 18-wheeler trucks (whether by their supervisors or by traffic law). While more and more states enforce stricter standards, Texas continues to allow drivers to make judgment calls while driving. This means that 18-wheeler drivers are not held responsible for being distracted while driving unless a major accident occurs. Preventing these accidents in the first place is something that may need to be considered by Texas lawmakers.


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