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Risperdal Update: Johnson & Johnson Wins Appeal for $257 Million Verdict

Glimpse of Light for Johnson & Johnson

In the latest on the controversial and intense Risperdal litigation with Johnson & Johnson, the drugmaker tasted a glimpse of victory as the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled in its favor concerning an appeal of $257 million verdict in Caldwell v. Janssen Pharmaceutical Inc., Civil Action 2012-C-2466.

The appeal was made over a trial that took place separate from the $2.2 billion settlement that was reached last November over general marketing practices concerning the drug. This case concludes as hundreds of other claims remain pending over the contentious and potentially dangerous drug.

Risperdal: Drug Marketing Gone Awry

The drug, known as Risperidone and marketed as Risperdal, was released as an atypical antipsychotic medication to manage schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in teens and adults. Public attention was caught when the drug was linked to gynecomastia and lactation in male patients, sparking an onslaught of lawsuits and claims. The U.S. Department of Justice went after Johnson & Johnson and its drug manufacturing unit, Janssen Pharmaceuticals in a federal case claiming and finally compelling a settlement over improper marketing of the drug.

The Louisiana Supreme Court Appeal

The Louisiana settlement was completely separate from the hundreds of pending cases and claims over the drugs in various states. Specifically in Louisiana, the Attorney General's office claimed that the manufacturing company issued off-label statements encouraging doctors to prescribe the drug over its competitors and downplaying links to diabetes and other potential health risks.

While the plaintiff's party was successful in the lower courts, Johnson & Johnson appealed the case all the way up to Louisiana's highest court, where the Supreme Court ruled in its favor and threw out the verdict that held the company liable for $257 million in damages. The Attorney General was reportedly unable to substantiate proof of the company's alleged off-label practices and therefore unsuccessful in defending the original verdict of the lower courts.

Hundreds of claims are still pending over Risperdal, representing victims of all ages and demographics that have suffered permanent disabilities and injuries from the poorly marketed drug. While manufacturers are by no means required to produce perfect products, their marketing is expected to provide an honest assessment of their products' potential risks and side effects.

If you or a family member is one of the many who suffered from taking Risperdal by a doctor's prescription, contact us to learn how you may have grounds to file a legal claim for compensation.


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