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Denton Implements New Driving Bans on Texting

In a much larger movement to maintain safety on the roads, Denton city officials adopted several new laws concerning the use of handheld devices while driving. These new regulations are in response to the continued improvement and development of the latest technology. As cell phones become more intricate and user friendly, providing its user with more and more things to do, there has been an undeniable existence of avoidable accidents caused by drivers distracted by such devices. In just the last five years, state and city officials throughout the nation have passed a wide range of legislation seeking to ensure that driving safety laws are able to keep up with these ever changing times of technological advancement.

The city council of Denton adopted these new regulations unanimously and is providing citizens with a grace period of 30 days before citations reaching up to $200 are given out for violation of these regulations. Interstates running through the city are excluded from these laws as it could cause confusion for travelers driving through the city and unaware of the new laws. For all other drivers in the city, it is now punishable by citation to interact with a phone or handheld device for use including:

  • Texting
  • Operating a GPS
  • Applications
  • Surfing the internet
  • Taking or viewing photos

In short, every use of a phone that excludes making calls is now banned in the city of Denton and subject to fines up to $200. Furthermore, the use of hand-free devices and bluetooths is still allowed as well. Much like any other city or state that has undergone these legislative changes in response to cell phone use, city council members admit that it will take the community some time to adjust to these new practices but in time, it will prove for the best in increasing safety and decreasing the amount of injury accidents linked to driver distraction.