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Arnold & Itkin File Lawsuit for Injured Deckhand

Any job requiring someone to live and work at sea is a difficult and dangerous occupation. Something as innocuous as sleeping arrangements can result in a severe injury. That’s exactly what happened to our newest client. He was forced to jump from the top bunk in his sleeping quarters because the bunks did not come with ladders. One day, he jumped from the top bunk and seriously injured his neck.

His doctor recommends surgery to treat his injuries, and has forbidden him from returning to work until his neck is healed. It’s for situations and clients like this that Arnold & Itkin was founded. We are hoping to help our client hold Edison Chouest accountable for the injuries sustained from not having a bunk ladder available. We are also hoping to obtain compensation to pay for his medical treatment, help him get the best treatment possible to help him recover quickly, and provide him with financial support for the wages he has lost in the meantime.

We filed the case in Harris County for the injured deckhand, who is from Mississippi. We are honored he came to us for help, and we look forward to aiding him in pursuing justice against those responsible for his pain.