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Case Filed for Worker Injured in Tank Explosion

Arnold & Itkin recognize the dangers that industrial workers face every day. Oil drilling, manufacturing, chemical processing—all of these job sectors are vital to our economy and our daily lives. When a worker is severely injured as a result of a lack of care on the employer’s part, we consider it our duty to fight for that worker’s rights and make sure he or she has the support and counsel they need to move forward.

Our newest client was driving wastewater from a drilling site to a disposal site in Choudrant, Louisiana when the tanks abruptly exploded. The explosion severely burned his arms, and the force was strong enough to knock him to the ground (in many cases, explosions also lead to a multitude of small but costly injuries).

We believe that the disposal-site owner could have prevented this explosion. For that reason alone, they should cover the costs of our client’s medical care, lost wages, and any long-term treatment he may need.

Arnold & Itkin's Louisiana injury lawyers are proud to represent our client, who deserves better than severe burns and the other traumatic effects of explosion injuries. He deserves justice, and our single-minded goal is to ensure that he gets it—along with recovery for his lost income, medical expenses, long-term care, and other costs.