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Lawsuit Filed for Equipment Truck Driver

Of all the injuries that occur in the oilfield industry, one of the most common types are “transportation” injuries. Despite not being related to the actual oilfield work, transporting oilfield equipment or oil products/by-products is some of the most dangerous work in the industry. Our most recent case is on behalf of a man who was injured while transporting oilfield equipment that wasn't secured.

As a result, he was left with serious injuries and mounting medical bills.

It’s the responsibility of oilfield companies to ensure that their equipment is property secured at all times—especially during transport. When it isn’t secured, equipment that weighs thousands of pounds can severely or fatally injure innocent bystanders. Our firm has seen far too many people suffer permanent or lifelong harm because another company couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs. Every time, we passionately point out how our clients’ injuries were totally preventable with proper care.

We’re looking forward to helping our client get all the help and medical care he needs. Our team is hard at work developing his case in order to ensure that he gets everything he is entitled to from the at-fault company—including lost wages and other damages.