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Risperdal Trial Begins Anew with New Jury

As we reported last week, our most recent Risperdal trial was interrupted by a sudden medical emergency. One of our medical experts heroically left the stand to attend to a juror who collapsed during his testimony. While the juror got the attention she needed, Janssen lawyers believed the heroic act would lend unfair weight to our witness’ testimony. The court agreed and the judge declared a mistrial.

Thankfully, justice for our client has only been delayed a few days. Today, trial has started again with a new jury.

Our Client’s Story

The young man we’re representing first started taking Risperdal at 8 years old (over 15 years ago). At the time, Johnson & Johnson were aggressively marketing the drug to be used for children with Asperger’s while hiding the fact that Risperdal was linked to gynecomastia.

Despite all this, our client’s mother was never informed, which robbed her of her right to medical care with informed consent. At 8 years old, our client developed a physical deformity that left him emotionally, socially, and physically harmed. And we believe that Johnson & Johnson is to blame. Regardless of last week’s hiccup, we’re more determined than ever to get our client justice.