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“It Can Wait” Texting Campaign Launches in Light of New Law

What is the leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States? It’s not drugs or alcohol, it’s not medical diseases, and it’s not sports related injury. Astonishingly, the number one cause of death for teenagers in America is texting and driving.

In September of 2017, Texas joined 46 other states in outlawing texting and driving for all motorists. New Jersey started this trend of banning texting in 2008. 9 years later, Texas has finally followed suit.

Drivers who break the law face a fine of $99 for a first-time offense and a penalty of up-to $200 for repeated offenses. Houston police have stated that 6,900 crash scene citations have been issued for driver inattention in 2017. This new law is expected to drastically lower this number, as residents are now disincentivized to text their friends and family while behind the wheel. However, if texting while driving still remains an issue for Texas residents, the fine amount is likely to increase.

To commemorate the laws passing and to remind drivers of their legal obligations, 16 Houston police cruisers will be outfitted with “It Can Wait” messages on their back glass. The message reads, “Distracted driving is never OK. Don’t text and drive, it’s the law.”

The Law Can Never Fully Protect Drivers

While this new law should prevent a number of accidents in the Texas area, car crashes will never completely disappear from society. Teenagers and adults will always forget to make correct turn signals, check for cars in their blind spots when changing lanes, and to regularly monitor their speeds. This means that you and your family are never truly safe while on the road. Arnold & Itkin is a firm that knows that an automobile accident can strike at any time. We are always prepared to represent families who have been harmed in traffic collisions.

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