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Hurricane Harvey Victims Still Struggle to Find Housing

It has been three months since Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Gulf Coast. Despite a quarter of a year passing, new research shows that there is still a high number of residents looking for new homes. In a survey released December 12 by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Episcopal Health Foundation, it was revealed that 11% of Texas Gulf Coast residents are still displaced. Additionally, 33% of those surveyed said they had been late on rent or mortgage payments.

One of the residents who lost her home has been in a hotel for the past two months. FEMA has been paying for her stay, but she is still searching for a permanent housing solution. She says that, “It's taking a long time, and not knowing what the outcome is going to be is nerve-wracking. We can’t do anything but wait.”

The survey also revealed that 50% of Hurricane Harvey survivors have someone in their family who has lost income or a job due to the floods. This shows the financial difficulties that families face in financing a new home. The monetary hardships are exacerbated by insurance companies who have yet to pay homeowners a cent for their claim. When a family’s home is destroyed, their breadwinner is out of a job, and their insurance company has yet to provide recovery funds, the options for Gulf Coast families seem nonexistent.

One woman and her two kids are living in their moldy home after FEMA cut-off her hotel funding 30 days after the floods receded. She says FEMA gave her a little over $400 for home repairs and $2,000 for rental assistance. She and her family wake up every day with worse health problems due to the mold in her walls. She had to use the money from FEMA to fix the well near her house to get access to clean water. She likens her family’s treatment by FEMA as similar to “making us live like dogs. Worse than dogs.”

One Option Can Make the Difference

While FEMA and insurance companies are helping some, others have yet to be assisted. Over 50% of all those surveyed have claimed that they are not getting the help that they need to recover. Arnold & Itkin can lower that percentage. Our Hurricane Harvey insurance claim lawyers fight for families who have been promised help but have been given nothing. Our goal is to obtain the compensation people like you deserve. We know of a number of options that can help those trying to recover from Harvey, but most of them require legal assistance. Insurance companies do not want to pay their insurance holders.

This is the hard truth about insurance. They see your need as a “loss” for their business.

Can you really trust help that believes that their actions for you are a loss?

However, you can trust Arnold & Itkin. Our Hurricane Harvey insurance claim lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you only pay if we get you compensation. You never pay from your own pocket—you only pay a percentage of what we recover for you. We want to help those who have run out of options and need legal action. We want to help families who have been promised much but given little. We want to help you.

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