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Helicopter Crash in Galveston Causes Single Fatality

Last night around 7:15 pm, a helicopter was traveling to shore from an offshore cargo ship in West Galveston Bay. The aircraft was carrying two passengers and the pilot. At that time, the helicopter made an “unscheduled landing in the water,” according to a statement from Republic Helicopters—the owners of the crashed helicopter. Republic Helicopters, a company from Santa Fe, provides ferry rides to shore for the crew of offshore vessels. They are also authorized to carry cargo.

The crash occurred a mile away from shore, so a boat crew was sent out to rescue them. The boat found the pilot and one of the passengers—but the second passenger was confirmed dead. The two survivors, as well as the crash victim, were all sent to UTMB.

We do not know what caused the crash, but an investigation should be underway soon—if it isn’t already. At this time, we don’t know if the passenger who was killed was an employee of the cargo ship or Republic’s. Likely, very little information regarding the passengers will be released until their families can be notified. At Arnold & Itkin, our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew and their families.