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Case Filed for Woman Who Lost Husband in Work Accident

Our firm is often called upon to fight for the injured against their own employers, whose negligence can cause life-altering injuries. In the most tragic cases, employer negligence is fatal—robbing families of their spouses, parents, and children. Our newest case is a wrongful death claim: a lawsuit where we fight for a deceased person's family after being killed by recklessness or neglect.

Our client’s husband was contracted to work for the Defendants, a corporation headquartered in Fort Bend. He was asked to perform his duties on an unsafe worksite with poor compliance standards. As a result, our client’s husband was electrocuted while working.

Cases like these have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of plaintiffs and other workers. Once a company has been dragged to court over their negligence, they’re likely to ensure that their mistake is never repeated—which makes life safer for their employees for years to come. More importantly, our firm gives our clients a voice, forcing at-fault parties to come face-to-face with the effects of their choices. We look forward to securing justice for our client's family in her husband's memory.