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Case Filed for a Worker Mistreated by His Employers

Work injuries are uniquely costly situations. Not only are victims left to pay for the medical bills and treatment costs, but their employers often deny responsibility—leaving them both unpaid and at odds with the sole providers of their income.

At Arnold & Itkin, one of our primary functions is making sure that workers’ rights are protected when employers overstep their boundaries (and attempt to justify it). While we’re certainly not opposed to a hard day’s work, employers are responsible for making sure their workers are given the tools and resources necessary to get the job done.

Without proper equipment, training, or resources, workers can get hurt—we’ve seen it happen far too many times. Our newest client was a Home Depot employee whose supervisors didn’t provide him with the help or assistance he needed. As a result, he was left alone to handle a job that would require multiple employees to complete.

Still, our client—being an excellent employee—attempted to get the work done. He was injured as a result. Arnold & Itkin looks forward to helping our client get the justice and financial support he deserves. His case was recently filed in Harris County against his employers.