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Worker Crushed in Oilfield Accident

At 8:30 CST on Tuesday morning, Denbury Resources in Brazoria County reported that one of their workers was killed in an accident. According to deputies on the scene, a snatch block weighing well over a ton fell on an employee, crushing him. A crane was required to remove the snatch block from the worker’s body. The investigation into the accident, which occurred around 7:45, has begun.

The identity of the worker has not been released to protect his privacy and to allow time for his family to be notified.

The accident took place in an oilfield near the corner of Highway 35 and County Road 129. It is not yet known (or has not been released) why the snatch block detached from the rig. Snatch blocks are a type of pulley and hook that can weigh 7,000+ pounds.

Denbury Resources is a petroleum and natural gas production company based out of Plano, but they operate throughout the Gulf Coast and the Rocky Mountains. They were founded in 1951 and reported nearly a billion dollars in revenue in 2016.

Our hearts go out to the worker’s family. We hope they get answers soon.

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