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Case Filed for Electrocution Victim in Wrongful Death Case

Arnold & Itkin LLP has filed a wrongful death action against CenterPoint Energy Co. and Phillips 66 Co. for their role in causing the death of our clients’ family member. Our client’s husband, a father of five and grandfather of nine, was killed by an improperly maintained power line while walking through a field in West Columbia, TX. He was walking back to his vehicle from inspecting his livestock when a pole owned by CenterPoint came apart at the timber crossbeam.

The collapse of the crossbeam above his head allowed a live powerline to fall on the victim, causing immediate and painful electrocution. He eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Our investigation of the incident revealed that the Defendants were warned about the pole’s degradation at least 8 months prior to the death of our client’s husband. For 8 months, they did nothing to address the issue: they sent no one out to make repairs, they put up no signage or barrier, and they did not warn the plaintiff’s family.

Why Premises Liability Law Matters for Our Safety

Premises liability law is built on a simple premise: landowners should make sure their property is safe for visitors. The fact is simple: our client’s husband was authorized to walk through the property he was killed on. He was allowed to be there, and that means he was entitled to know the hazards present on the property. By failing to provide even the most basic warning, CenterPoint and Phillips 66 should be found liable for his death.

Tragedies like this should never occur. This event was objectively preventable.

Our premises liability lawyers hope to get justice for the wrongful death of our clients’ husband, father, and grandfather. By pursuing this claim in court, we aim to accomplish two things: our first goal is to ensure that our clients get everything they need to move forward and recover from their grief and loss.

Our other goal is to ensure that CenterPoint Energy and Phillips 66 Co. never fail to warn passersby about hazards on their property ever again. Even better—we hope the Defendants change their policies to provide repairs as soon as they’re notified of a dangerous defect.